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Cover-up Damage Control is in Process

Announcement: The euthanasia network is planning a "damage control" program in an attempt to cover up the conspiracy to have Terri Schindler Schiavo killed. 

(It is now 2015. Notice how many websites have removed the documentation about Terri Schiavo including the one her parents chose to be their spokeswoman, Pamela Hennessey.) I have saved and placed on this site a lot of the critical documentation Ms Hennessy had on her own site before she deleted it. On the other hand, Ron Panzer, of Hospice Patients Alliance has faithfully kept the documentation about Terri on his website.)

Some are promoting the idea of "forgiveness" in an attempt to influence people to abandon their legitimate desire to expose the conspicuous corruption of Clearwater governmental officials in their pursuit of the death of Terri Schindler Schiavo. Others will say that exposing the plot to kill Terri dishonors her memory. Still others are erroneously saying that a thorough investigation of this case has already taken place. Attempts to quash an independent investigation of the Terri Schiavo case are coming from unexpected quarters.

Gary and I believe that God would have us expose whatever He allows us to find out concerning the people who used their influence and connections to override the laws of the state of Florida in order to kill a precious woman who was denied therapy—including speech therapy—in order to prevent her from voicing her wishes.


Preventing others from sharing Terri's fate is not hate.

Exposing the Conspiracy to Kill Terri Schiavo is Not Hate 

The Truth About Getting Justice For Terri

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