Terri Schiavo Taken to Hospital With Puncture Wounds on Her Arms

by Steven Ertelt
LifeNews.com Editor
March 30, 2004

Clearwater, FL (LifeNews.com) -- Just one day after a local judge
said Terri Schiavo's estranged husband wasn't violating a court
order by denying Terri's parents information about her medical
condition, Terri has been taken to a local hospital with apparent
puncture wounds on her arms.

Hospice workers at Park Place Assisted Living Facility in
Clearwater, Florida, where Terri is living, noticed the wounds,
apparently caused by a hypodermic needle.

George Felos, the lead attorney for Michael Schiavo, said that
Terri was taken to Morton Plant Hospital on Monday night for
toxicology testing and other blood work. Michael Schiavo works at
the hospital as a staff nurse.

Felos, an assisted suicide advocate, said hospice staff
discovered the marks Monday after Terri's parents, Bob and Mary
Schindler, had spent 45 minutes with their daughter.

"Mrs. Schiavo was found in a disheveled state with her feeding
tube wrapped around her back and an allergy band pulled up very
tight on her arm like a tourniquet," Felos said in a press
release. "On one arm were four fresh puncture wounds with another
fresh puncture wound on her other arm. Also found were fresh
scratch wounds, over the puncture wounds as if an attempt were
made to conceal the puncture wounds."

"It appears that someone was either trying to inject Terri
Schiavo with something or
withdraw fluids from her," Felos added.

Bob Schindler, Terri's father, told Tampa's WTSP-TV that he did
not inject anything into Terri and that his daughter was fine
when the Schindlers finished their visit with her.

But Felos, while not saying the Schindlers were responsible, said
they were the only visitors on Monday.

"Maybe one of their quack doctors told them, 'Here, we have a
substance that can help Terri get better, but it has to be
injected,'" Felos told the St. Petersburg Times newspaper.

But Pat Anderson, an attorney for the Schindlers, told the paper
the ordeal was a "ruse to cut off" visits by Terri's parents.

"I tell you what it looks like to me," Anderson said. "They're
accusing the parents of abusing her, which is insane because the
parents have been fighting to take care of her."

Clearwater police are investigating the matter and Michael has
ordered hospital staff to not allow any visitors while the
investigation is pending.

Further request for comment by LifeNews.com to Pat Anderson,
attorney for the Schindlers, was referred to George Tragos, a
Clearwater attorney who has agreed to lend his expertise to the
Schindlers on this matter.

Tragos had no responded to a query from LifeNews.com by press

Tragos spoke with the Associated Press and told them it was
"absurd" to suggest the Schindlers were responsible.

"It's just another mean-spirited attack designed to get some
judicial advantage," Tragos said. "I have no idea what happened,
but it certainly is mysterious since we believe she was actually
showing some improvement."

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