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Stewart Best and The Book of Zero Options 

Satan is God With a Capital G?

Article #1: Satan is God With a Capital G? 

Stewart Best uses the King James Bible exclusively in his doctrinal writings. As a result of this practice, he is perfectly aware that whenever the word god is used with a lowercase "g" it refers to Satan or his demons. Stewart is acquainted with the fact that Christians use a capital "G" to denote the real God of the Holy Bible and a lowercase "g" to denote Satan. He knows that God and god do not refer to the same entity. 

Satanists come right out and say that Satan is God. They proclaim that he is God, and they spell God with a capital "G" to attribute deity to Satan.

I must bring to your attention the times Stewart Best chose to  use the capital "G" in reference to the description and title of Satan in Part One of his articles under scrutiny here: "The Holy Bible BOOK OF ZERO OPTIONS Part One and Part Two." 

He also primed the reader for a subliminal message farther down in the article by placing the adjective creator before the word God, thus making him a kind of God, rather than simply God. Now of course God is the creator, and yes, a creator God, but the repeated use of this phrase, creator God served a purpose. You will understand what I mean better in a moment, but first let us look at the sentences where he called God, not simply God, but creator God. Note: bold emphasis is mine and I am purposely not commenting on his other wrong messages at present so we can concentrate on what he is doing with the phrases I have bolded:

Mankind was CREATED  fully mature, both male and female in a state of amoral awareness - in the very inner essence of the creator God of the entire universe - the God who created TIME, SPACE, ENERGY, MATTER, SOUL, SPIRIT AND LIFE. 

Mankind was presented with "forbidden knowledge", i.e., MORAL KNOWLEDGE, the knowledge of good and evil, and was told not to partake of it, because if they did, they would die spiritually to the creator God and enter into a realm of depravity and death, with eternal awareness but with total separation from their creator God.

So far in this article, Stewart Best did not mention God without the preceding word, creator, for a very good reason. He deliberately and repeatedly used the adjective creator to modify or in this case, designate which God. The message subliminally sent to the reader in the next excerpt is that God is creator, but that Satan is also God, though a lesser one:

This knowledge of good and evil would transfer ownership of the human species from the creator God to a lessor God called SATAN, the GOD OF THIS WORLD. The human race would then be subject to the rule of Satan, AND WAS LEGALLY OWNED BY HIM.

It is apparent to me that Stewart's thrice prior use of the phrase, creator God before he used it a fourth time along with the phrase lesser God was calculated. The use of the phrases, creator God and lesser God in the same sentence causes them to work as print subliminals. The phrase, creator God was already repeatedly used to refer to the real God, so calling Satan a lesser God gets right past the reader without his even realizing it. This kind of shifty writing is effective because God's people do not notice it and bring the writer to account for such deliberate blasphemy. Satan is not God with a capital "G", no matter how Stewart Best tried to slip this hidden message to his readers without their conscious notice.

What are print subliminals?

"Print subliminals are sentences constructed in such a way that they send messages to the reader's mind without his being aware of what has occurred. They work on the person's mind in a manipulative fashion because the message has bypassed his conscious mind." If the reader does not notice a message presented in print, he will accept it uncritically in his mind without passing judgment on it. This is how print can work as a subliminal, just like subliminals on audio tape, television, and movies. (God's Wrath on Left Behind p. 12)

Stewart called Satan God with a capital "G" again: 

Mankind was severed from the creator God and faced a future of futility, vanity, suffering and ultimate physical death, soul death and spiritual death - but with eternal awareness. As time passes, he descends further and further downward into chaos. After death he is sent to a place of intense eternal suffering, the same place that Satan (the rebellious angel) is ultimately sent to. Mankind is sent there because he is a willing agent of Satan, and hates the true creator God, and by his nature, actually loves Satan, the God of this world.

Stewart knows very well that the King James Bible calls Satan the god of this world, respecting the deity of the true God by using a lowercase "g" when referring to Satan, a created being and non-deity. 

Because the subject of these two articles is supposedly the Bible, the Book of Mystery and Enigma according to Stewart Best, the print subliminals attesting to the deity of Satan are not easily noticed. 

Now that you have recognized them, you must renounce the subliminally suggested doctrine that Satan is God if you have ever read these two articles in the past. This is a way you can pray or use your own words:

In the name of Jesus Christ I renounce every thought that has entered my mind that Satan is God. Thank you Father in heaven for helping me to see this and please continue to free my mind. 

In Jesus' Name, 



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