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 Stewart Best's Seven Steps to Regeneration

According to Stewart Best's videotape, "The Testimony," a person who has already repented of his sins and sincerely called upon the name of the Lord Jesus Christ for salvation is merely converted and is STILL on his way to eternal hellfire.

According to Best, In order to achieve regeneration, a Christian must go through seven distinct steps in order to be "born again" into the AGAPE LOVE SPIRIT.

Below are the seven steps that Stewart Best claims a Christian must travel before he comes to the point where he feels the Agape Love Spirit enter into his body and hear him call him by name.

(1) Conversion

(2) Search

(3) Death (fully experiential soul death)

(4) Revelation

(5) Entering into Judgment (the White Throne Judgment)

(6) Repentance

(7) Union  (to receive the spirit of Agape Love)

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