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Sinning is Presented as an Opportunity to Serve God!

Satan Would Like You to Think So

In a meeting with the Tribulation Force, Bruce (the pastor) said concerning both Rayford's and Buck's new job opportunities: "This may shock all of you, because I have not expressed an opinion yet, but Buck and Rayford, I think both of you should seriously consider accepting these jobs."

"Buck maintained that he would never be able to live with himself if he sold out his journalistic principles and allowed himself to manipulate the news and be manipulated by Nicolae Carpathia."

Chloe said, "I think you should both take the jobs." She continued, "But without someone on the inside, Carpathia is going to deceive everyone."

What a noble-sounding plug for sin! Satan is an expert at helping believers be pragmatic--the end justifies the means.

As far as Satan deceiving everyone if a Christian doesn't put themselves under the authority of the highest-level Satanist in the land in order to spy on them, this doesn't hold any water when put under the Bible's searchlight.

The people who rejected Christ before Antichrist's rise will be deceived when he is revealed because GOD HIMSELF will delude them into believing the lie and so a believer putting himself into a position of subservience to Antichrist won't have any effect upon keeping these who are deluded by God from being deceived.

Since the authors denied this basic scriptural premise in the first book, they are able to go on with this plot of having believers working for Antichrist to help keep people from being deceived.

Buck said, in response to Chloe, "I'd have to sell out every journalistic principle I have." And Chloe's reply: "And those are more sacred than your responsibilities to your brothers and sisters in Christ?"

This is a false reason. God will never inspire a believer to sin, period. NEVER. This dialog is suggesting to the reader that God will compromise his integrity by having his own children put themselves under the authority and work in the presence of satanists, (and declare allegiance to Antichrist and deny being a Christian in order to do this!) in order to protect his people.

Any believer walking in the Spirit and not after the flesh, will know who God's enemies are if they seek God in prayer and are willing to do as God's word commands, which is to inspect their fruits, as Jesus commanded. God has given the church supernatural spiritual gifts (granted Satan has the ability to counterfeit every single one of them; that is why keeping the armor of God firmly in place and walking in complete obedience to God is critically important) and God does communicate to his people what they need to know to stay right with him and stay away from spiritual harm.

Being employed by the Antichrist with the secret goal to subvert him is a fleshly battle, waged with carnal weapons such as deceit, lying, fear, and all manner of sin.  This kind of war will not achieve anything except harm to any Christian participating in it. Why? Because in order to engage in this kind of fleshly battle they must lay down the armor of God and deny their salvation (thus casting off the helmet of salvation), lie and deceive continually (unbuckling the belt of truth), double-mindedly serving the enemy of their soul in order to supposedly further the kingdom of God (removing the breastplate or righteousness), not witnessing of the salvation to be found in Christ alone for fear of exposure to enemy forces (removing the shoes with the preparation of the gospel of peace), worrying constantly about being found out to be a subversive, worrying about being killed when found out, etc (casting down the shield of faith), violating scripture constantly in order to further the interests of Antichrist while trying to subvert him at every turn (abandoning the Sword of the Spirit).  When a Christian lays down the armor of God, he is giving Satan consent to devour him.

Christians are to be casting off the works of darkness, not the armor of light.  Rom. 3:12 In the Left Behind series we see Christians putting on the works of darkness instead of putting on the Lord Jesus Christ!  Rom. 13:14

Those who have been baptized into Christ have put on Christ, and must make no provision for the sins of the flesh.  Going to work for Antichrist is definitely battling in the flesh, and if you will notice, the characters do a lot of sinning in order to work for Antichrist while serving God.  God and mammon cannot be served simultaneously.  

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