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1917 Scofield Reference Bible Footnote: Luke 17:21

Gr. entos= "in the midst." It could not be said of a self-righteous, Christ rejecting pharisee, that the kingdom of God, as to its spiritual content, was within him. Our Lord's whole answer, designedly enigmatic to the Pharisees (cf) Mt 13:10-13 had a dispensational meaning. The kingdom in its outward form, as covenanted to David 2Sa 7:8-17 and described by the prophets Cmt. on Zec 12:8 had been rejected by the Jews; so that, during this present age, it would not "come with observation" (lit. "outward show") but in the hearts of men (cf) Lu 19:11-12; Ac 1:6-8.

Cmt. on Ac 1:6. Cmt. on Ro 14:17.

Meantime, the kingdom was actually "in the midst" of the Pharisees in the persons of the King and His disciples. (See v. 24.)

Luke 17:21 Marginal Note

page 1100, Luke 17:21, reference 'e' in the midst of


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