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Assassins: Authors Interchanged God and Satan!

Assassins, the sixth book in the Left Behind Series, contains an episode in which the authors interchanged God and Satan. Remember, the authors chose to write the scenario this way. They could have written this episode and portrayed the Christians praying to God and the satanist praying to his god, but they did not. (This is in keeping with the One World Church agenda.)

While the band of killers was opening fire on the GC One plane, Leon Fortunato, Mac, Abdullah, Clancy, and Karl's helper crouched low beneath the seats, fearing for their lives. After they found their plane was in flames, they made a hasty departure. While the men were fleeing the burning plane, Leon used Clancy as a shield, forcing him down the stairs ahead of him. Clancy was torn apart by bullets.

While running from the plane, Leon dropped to his hands and knees on the runway, Abdullah flipped over him, and Mac landed on Leon's back. Mac received bullet wounds through his right shoulder blade and a shattered right hand as a result. Abdullah also suffered a bullet wound in his thigh. Only Leon (the satanist) was spared injury. Both Christians were shot.

Leon dropped to his hands and knees on the runway, Abdullah flipping over him. Mac landed flat on Leon's back, crushing him to the asphalt. A bullet ripped through Mac's right shoulder blade and another shattered his right hand, the blasts from the weapon not twenty feet away deafening his right ear.

"Oh, God!" Leon screamed beneath him. "Oh, God, help me!" (Assassins p 165)

Notice the authors portrayed the false prophet (who in real life will be a dedicated black-magick satanist) crying out to God (with a capital "G") instead of god (with a small "g"). This was a deliberate deviation from the authors' standard practice of  portraying Satan's followers (such as Nicolae Carpathia and Leon Fortunato) of addressing their god--written with a small "g"--which is the correct way to do it because he is Satan. This is a deliberate subliminal message, and they reinforced this same message a few pages later, which I will cite in a moment.

The thick, swarthy Leon Fortunato appeared out of the haze, having rolled toward Mac. He grabbed Mac's face in both hands, and Mac nearly screamed from the pain on one side. "You saved my life, Mac!" Leon cried. "You protected me with your own body! Were you hit?"  

"Twice," Mac said. (Assassins p 170)

Please notice something important. Leon was grateful to Mac for protecting him with his own body. Mac did not deliberately shield Leon with his body. Mac merely accidentally landed on top when Leon stumbled on the runway fleeing the burning plane. Mac was hit by bullets while Leon was underneath him. 

The authors had Leon state that Mac protected him with his own body, which is spiritually perverted because Leon prayed to the real God (instead of his false god written with a small "g") to help him, and no mention was made of the two Christians praying!  In fact, the authors depicted Mac as not only not praying, but of losing all hope:

"Mac believed he would never hit the pavement alive. He had lost all hope and leapt from the plane only to escape the flames." (Assassins p 165)

The reader is given examples of the Christian losing all hope, and the satanist praying to the Christian God! This is perverted and glorifies Satan's follower as having faith (in the God) while the Christian loses hope in the real God.

The reader sees the Most High God depicted as answering the satanist's prayer by having a Christian shot twice while the satanist remained protected. This literally decimates God's character by portraying Him answering the prayer of a satanist by allowing his own child to be shot instead. God was depicted as protecting Satan's follower, and not protecting His own follower. Remember, it  was not indicated anywhere in the narration that Mac deliberately shielded Mac from bullets with his own body. 

The authors reinforced the antichrist teaching that Satan's followers pray to (the real) God and that He hears and answers their prayers in the passage cited below:

Leon turned slowly in a circle. "I thought we were dead," he said. "What happened?"

"You prayed." 

"Excuse me?"

"You asked God to help you," Mac said.

"I consider myself religious." 

"I'm sure you do. God must have answered." (Assassins p 171)

This is incredibly blasphemous. Mac, a Christian, knew very well that Leon Fortunato, the false prophet, served Satan in his service to Nicolae Carpathia.  Mac would have known that any god Leon prayed to would be Satan, not God. The authors had a Christian who knew this man was Satan's follower, attribute his prayers as being directed to God! This is literally making Satan and God the same person. The use of the capital "G" in the word "God" was not an accident, but deliberate. Satan and God were made interchangeable in this passage of Assassins, and this is one more reason why God's wrath is on the Left Behind series. 

This antichrist example depicted in Assassins is not in my (now free) book, God's Wrath on Left Behind. If you found this example disturbing, please be advised there are many more. The examples of  Leon praying to God (instead of god) and receiving his protection while the Christians did not pray and did not receive protection, is one more reason why Satan is sitting in the Left Behind series as if he was God. 

Will you help me expose the antichrist agenda of the Left Behind series?  Please seek God about helping me in some way. I am in need of help in getting word out about my book to remnant Christian pastors, remnant parachurch ministries, and those in the Christian book business who love and fear God and are willing to stand up for Jesus as a true soldier of the cross. Here is a link to my flyer: Left Behind Exposed! 


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