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Authors Said God Led Rayford to Work For Antichrist!

"Well, for what it's worth, I envy you."

Rayford was stunned to silence. Here he was, what Bruce Barnes referred to as a tribulation saint, a believer in Christ during the most horrifying period in human history, serving Antichrist himself against his own will and certainly at the peril of his wife, his daughter, her husband, and himself. And yet he was envied.

"Don't envy me, Captain Hernandez. Whatever you do, don't envy me."-Nicolae page 26

Now, we are looking at book 3 in the series, but to fully understand this exchange one must go back in memory to book 2 to see why Rayford would serve Antichrist (interesting wording on the part of the authors) against his own will and actual imperilment of his family.

In the Tribulation Force, page 240, we can read of Rayford lying prostrate on the floor seeking God's will concerning the job offer of working directly for the man whom he knew to be Antichrist. Here are a few's best to go to the book and read all of this in context: "Hearing the others pray always moved Rayford deeply. He wished God would just tell him audibly what to do, but when he prayed, he simply asked that God would make it plain to all of them."

"As Rayford knelt there, he realized he needed to surender his will to God--again."

"Rayford knelt there in front of his chair, his hands covering his face, praying silently. Whatever God wanted was what he wanted, even if it made no sense from a human standpoint." TF page 240

"Rayford lost track of the time, knowing only vaguely that minutes passed with no one saying anything. He had never felt so vividly the presence of God. So this was the feeling of dwelling on holy ground, what Moses must have felt when God told him to remove his shoes." TF page 241

Now it is clear the impression given here is that God definitely led Rayford to take employment serving Antichrist--Nicolae Carpathia. What kind of god would violate the  Holy Bible, his very Word?

Some things to note: There is no mention of Rayford picking up his Bible and trying to discern God's will through the commands and principles contained therein.  Outrageously, not even the pastor suggested going to the Holy Bible to discern the will of God. This "pastor" actually encouraged Rayford to seriously consider working for Antichrist!   This is an example of HOW TO BE DECEIVED AND OVERCOME BY SATAN!

The authors made Rayford's sensing of God's presence occur after he surrendered his will to God and made it clear that he would do what God wanted even if it made no sense from a human standpoint. Sensing God's presence would seem to confirm God was there and in approval of the direction Rayford was heading with his decision.

Now, at a quick glance this sounds quite right, but the problem with this is that Rayford did not consult the Bible-the written word of God. God will NEVER violate his written word, and any presence sensed that seemingly confirms counsel contrary to the word of God must not be heeded as being from God but rather from Satan.

On page 310, we have another place where the authors are reinforcing the idea that God had led Rayford to work for Antichrist: "How proud Irene would have been of this moment, when he had the top job in the flying world. But to him it meant little, though he felt in his spirit that he was doing what God had led him to do."

Notice that Rayford felt this in his spirit. Whatever spirit he was feeling was NOT the Spirit of God, because God will not violate his written word! The Holy Spirit will not lead a believer to violate the teachings of Holy Writ. This example of following some kind of "spiritual feeling" while ignoring the teachings of the Bible is not a biblical example of true Christianity, and this example is only one of many that I've found.

DOES the word of God have any principles that apply to a believer yoking up with an agent of Satan? Does the Bible have principles regarding a believer being subservient to Satan or one of Satan's followers?  Absolutely.  And the word absolute is key because relativism is taught throughout the Left Behind series.  God's will or truth is determined by the characters' circumstances rather than the inerrant word of God.

A blatant example of this is in the book DESECRATION, and revealed in my article, Chang's Mark of the Beast is No Big Deal?

Yoking up with Satan and his workers will destroy a Christian, NOT undermine Satan's plans!  This example is a snare to any believer and must be rejected.

God's word commands a Christian to submit to God and resist the devil so that he will flee.  (James 4:7)  The devil is not resisted by yoking up with him through employment (this puts the Christian under his authority!) and sharing his plans with other Christians!  In real life this would put the Christian in a place where Satan would have every right to destroy the Christian and his faith through the "place" the Christian has given him through this unequal yoke.  "Neither give place to the devil." Ephesians 4:27

The devil is also not resisted by the Christian using the devil's own tools of lying and deceiving in order to do the work of God!  God will never have a Christian live like the devil in order to overcome the devil the way the characters in the Left Behind series are portrayed as doing.  Living like the devil (sinning as a lifestyle) gives Satan "place" and this "place" is an opening or opportunity for him to work his spiritual destruction in the life of any believer who is tricked into giving it to him.

This "place" is a spiritual place and it is a place no Christian must willingly give Satan through sin or unequal yokes with satanists, who the "GC" in the Left Behind series truly are.

Please reject and renounce the lie that a Christian must yoke with Satan in order to survive the upcoming hard times! This theme is woven throughout the Left Behind series and is in your mind if you have read the Left Behind books.

God is faithful and will not abandon his dear ones who are sold out to him in a life of obedience, love, and godly fear.

Here is an example of how to pray about this:

Dear Heavenly Father,

I have thoughts in my mind that it is right in your sight for a Christian to work for a company or organization that is run by Satan's followers or those who knowing further Satan's New World Order agenda. I repent of giving place to these ideas that are against the plain teaching of your Holy Bible.  I know that sinning is never the solution to any problem and I reject and renounce all thoughts that that I may sin and be of service to you by sinning. Please forgive me and help me to hide your word in my heart that I not sin against you.

In Jesus Christ's Name I pray,



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