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The Prodigal Project: Marked by the Occult Quartered Circle and Other Occult Symbols

We have already learned that Cloud Ten Productions satanically marked their movies Revelation and Left Behind 2: Tribulation Force with the quartered circle symbol. See: Cloud Ten Productions and The Occult

Why is it that another disappearances-themed production (in this case a book series) bears a symbol that is used in witchcraft rituals?  Why would anyone who is supposed to be producing products for the Holy God of the Bible mark them with the quartered circle, a symbol that witches use to "call the quarters," which is calling on demons!

The book series with the quartered circles is called The Prodigal Project. I happened to look at the first book in the series (Book 1 Genesis) at the department store today and was stunned to find it marked with quartered circles—the same way Cloud Ten marked their movie productions. 

Black and red colors were selected for the cover, along with some lettering in silver, which gave the book an even more satanic appearance. 

The title on the cover of the book, The Prodigal Project Book 1 Genesis. contains an "o" in the Word Prodigal that resembles a quartered circle, but is really a cross within a circle. The website (linked here for documentation only) for the book USED TO quarter both "os" in the title, The Prodigal Project, but they are being more cautious now and have removed that marking. You may view the quartered circle on the cover of the book, The Prodigal Project Book 1 Genesis HERE.

The inside of book, The Prodigal Project is also marked with many quartered circles. Why is this symbol, which is basic to witchcraft and used to evoke "energy forms" (demons) used in two Cloud Ten Productions and now in a book with the same theme: disappearances of Christians? 

The following is a brief excerpt from an article called Circle Ritual:


The concept of the quartered circle is basic to the craft, as it is to many cultures and religions. The four directions each correspond to and resonate with a quality of the self, to an Element, a time of day and year, to tools of the craft, symbolic animals and forms of personal power. These correspondences are usually set down in a table similar to the one in the back of The Quest and The Quest and provide the basis for visualizations throughout the ritual. 

The Guardians of the Watchtowers are energy forms. They are the Spirits of the four directions and bring the elemental energy of Earth, Air, Fire, and Water into the circle to augment our human power. The vortex of power created when we evoke the four Quarters guards the circle from intrusions and draws in the higher powers of the Goddess and God. "To Evoke" is defined as "to call out of with earnest desire." (1)

Why would a symbol that is used to draw in the "higher powers of the Goddess and God" (demons!) used repeatedly to mark this book?

 Quartered Circles Marking The Prodigal Project

The acknowledgements page: "o" in acknowledgements is quartered

Chapter One page: The "o" in one is quartered

Chapter Two: The "o" in Two is quartered

Chapter Four: The "o" in Four is quartered

About the Author Page: The "o" in About and the "o" in Author is quartered.

The Square Cross and Sunburst Symbols

Three consecutive square cross symbols are used to divide portions of text within chapters of the book, The Prodigal Project. The square cross is the esoteric symbol for the earth. They also used the square cross as a rune on the title page—they changed the "t" in Project into a square cross. The font chosen for the title and chapter headings looks runic, especially the "ms" which look like tridents.

Also, a sunburst (the symbol of the Sun god) was used in the cover design and on an inside page. 

The Bible says that Christians "are all the children of light, and the children of the day: we are not of the night, nor of darkness." 1 Thess. 5:5

People who claim to be Christians are marking their works with darkness. 

But ye, brethren, are not in darkness, that that day should overtake you as a thief. 1 Thess. 5:4

If Christians continue to make excuses for symbols of darkness on their entertainment even while they claim to serve God, in whom there is no darkness at all, then darkness will overtake them during the perilous times ahead. We will reap during the tribulation what we are sowing to now. Please sow to the Spirit and reap overcoming during the tribulation unto eternal life.


Druids and Prodigal Project Font is the Same!

While shopping at the department store, I examined the cover of a video called Druids. The font used for the words above the title is the same one used on the title page and chapter pages of the book, The Prodigal Project. This is obviously an occult font. 

Below you will see the font used in The Prodigal Project. They have marked this book for Satan!


One would assume that since Prodigal Project Book One is thoroughly marked for Satan that it is not being passed off as a Christian work. A Christian work, which has been presented to God, will not be marked with Satan's markings or Satan's doctrines. 

Wait! This book is being presented as a Christian work: 

The Bible is a road map that directs the way to heaven, and shows us how we can have a relationship with God before we get there. It provides hope in the midst of Earth's darkest hours.

But it's going to get rough before it gets better. The Prodigal Project is about to be launched; life on earth will never be the same. It will be the struggle to end all struggles, and you're going to need more spiritual strength than you've ever known before.

As you follow the characters in this series, it is my prayer that you will discover the truth that can set you free . . . now, and forever. (See Motivation)

The Holy God of the Bible is Not a Mixture

God will not accept any work with Satan's markings and/or Satan's doctrines! The church is being conditioned to believe that God is pleased with works that have some truth mixed in with markings and teachings of darkness. God is not a mixture of light and darkness:

This then is the message which we have heard of him, and declare unto you, that God is light, and in him is no darkness at all.  1 John 1:5

Satan's workers, who have infiltrated the church to the point where they have almost complete control, know that in order for the church to fall completely away from the faith of Jesus and thus pave the way for God to permit "that Wicked" to be revealed, Christians must depart from the firm conviction that God is pure and holy—with no darkness at all—and fall for the lie that He is an impure God—or a God of mixture. This God of mixture marks his work, his doctrines, and his followers, with darkness.

This representative for Satan is identified in scripture as "that Wicked" and most who people call themselves Christian will embrace him when he is revealed. They will do this because God Himself will delude them into thinking that "that Wicked" is God. God will judge his people in this manner because they refuse to love the truth (including the truth that God is pure) and choose to have pleasure in unrighteousness. Accepting satanically marked movies, books, music, etc. is having pleasure in what in unrighteousness.

 The Church's Second Chance is Now, Not Later!

Please read 2 Thessalonians, Chapter 2 in its entirety. The Bible  doctrine of the God-sent delusion is being ignored in the church at large, and taught against in the Left Behind Series. There is no such thing as a Second Chance when the Holy Bible precludes it.

The Second Chance for the lost person who has already heard the  gospel of Jesus Christ ends when "that Wicked" is revealed. The Second Chance for the Christian to repent of his double mind and "double God" of light and darkness, is past by the time that Wicked (Antichrist) is revealed. 

The Bible clearly teaches the doctrine of the God-sent delusion. Satan, in an attempt to ensnare souls, is working through the Left Behind Series and other avenues to teach against this Bible doctrine. When God permits "that Wicked" to be revealed, He will send strong delusion upon everyone who knew the truth, but continued to enjoy unrighteousness. This includes the lost who had heard the gospel but rejected the truth, and the Christian who refused to repent and come out of the falling away church, complete with its "God" who is a mixture of light and darkness, and winks at sin.

God is calling his remnant out of the falling away church who is on the way to believing the lie and suffering the eternal consequences. Please answer His call today and put all known sin out of your life and seek the singly pure God with a single eye.

See: A Single and an Evil Eye

notes: (1)

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