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Your Prayers Made a Big Difference on Halloween

 But Satan Has a Follow-up Plan

Over ten years have passed since we first began to ask our website readers to fast and pray with us for the escape of people bound and undergoing preparation for ritual human sacrifice.

In behalf of the thousands of people who are closely guarded on ritual dates to ensure their certain deaths, thank you for believing that God would intervene, because He has! Large numbers of sacrifice victims have been spared due to God's mighty hand. You might ask how is it that we know this. God has impressed upon Gary the burden to pray for sacrifice victims in the first place, and He has been pleased to reveal to him that these prayers are being answered. God has accomplished and continues to accomplish his will through the prayers of His people. Praise God for his awesome power and amazing mercy!

Perhaps you did not realize that besides the precious human lives that were saved, which is the most important reason for praying, another wonderful thing resulted from your prayers. Satan's followers have again been set back from the timetable they are aiming for to bring in full-blown global government. When God rescued those helpless people from a cruel death, He also took away the quota of human blood that Satan demands in order to fully bring in the New World Order.

However, there is a serious concern I need to share with you. In response to the continual loss of thousands of sacrifice victims, we believe that more "terrorist" incidents and "natural disasters" are being planned to "make up" for the thousands of individual sacrifices that have been lost. Gary has mentioned this to me in the past and again today. I know that now is the time to come forth with this truth. It is very necessary that we pray for God to prevent, block and hinder "terrorist attacks" and man-made natural disasters.

It seems inconceivable that satanic officials would orchestrate planned disasters in order to make up for human sacrifices they have lost, but it is a fact that I am compelled to share. We believe they have done this in the past and that this will escalate in the future.

For those of you who are aware of the abundant documentation that proves the 9-11 attack was carried out with the prior knowledge of high-ranking US government officials, you will not find my remarks that shocking. Satan demands the shedding of human blood in order to bestow the demonic power necessary to implement his satanic (globalist) regime. His followers are determined to get that human blood, one way or another. We must stay on praying ground by walking with a single eye and ask God to counter their evil devices to replace the sacrifice victims they lost.

Let us enter into Jesus' burden beyond Halloween ritual murders and pray against terrorism; continued killings in Iraq; planned accidents; planned disasters; man-made weather-related catastrophes; hastened deaths of the elderly and disabled in nursing homes, hospices, and hospitals; kidnappings of children by CPS, children killed in foster care; increased abortion and suicides; and other things Satan utilizes to replace the ritual sacrifices he has lost due to the prayers of the saints.

The most powerful way that righteous men and women can significantly counter Satan's New World Order elite from ritually murdering, mass murdering, and spiritually and physically enslaving the United States and the rest of the world is by fervent prayer. Prayer is the vehicle that God uses to get his will done in this world and to destroy the works of the devil. The fervent prayers of the righteous avail much. We must pray!

Thanking you in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ,

Gary and Lisa Ruby

Intercessory prayer is also needed on every full moon, the winter solstice, midnight on Christmas Eve, New Year's Eve and more.

link for documentation only: Human Sacrifice 666 The Guide and the Ceremony to Sacrifice

According to What Should Christians Do For Halloween?

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