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Point Within a Circle Symbol on Texe Marrs' Site

Power of Prophecy Marks Orphan Ministry with Masonic Symbol

Texe Marrs defined the word, "symbol," in his video presentation, The Eagle Has Landed!--The Illuminati Conquest of Outer Space:

"A symbol is something that represents something else --something hidden, something esoteric."

Symbols can be incorporated into font designs. One example of this is found in an image (1) on Texe Marrs' Power of Prophecy website. See the "O" in the word, "Orphans" fashioned into the point within the circle symbol.

Texe Marrs is well aware that Freemasons mark their work with "point within a circle" and other Masonic sexual symbology and has written about this matter on his website and in his books.

Below is an excerpt from Texe Marrs' book, Codex Magica Part 22 Scorched By the Sun -- Solar Signs, Serpents and Circles:

Until Hitler and the Nazis gave the sign a bad reputation, the Masons also universally used the sun sign. And today the symbol of the circle, particularly that of the point within the circle, is a prominent feature of Masonic theology.

The Point Within the Circle

According to Mackey's Masonic Encyclopedia the hidden, true meaning of this symbol, the point inside the circle, is far different than what the everyday Masonic brother is told. In reality, its meaning is yet another proof that Masonry is a sex cult. Mackey says the esoteric explanation is that the point within the circle is the male phallus, or penis, and the circle is the female yoni, or vagina. Here, says Mackey, is a "symbol of fecundity, expressed by the male generative principle."4

But, Mackey emphasizes, the sun is still not forgotten in Masonry, for while the,

...importance to the Illuminati Masons and yet is so little recognized as significant by the dumbed-down masses, many Illuminists enjoy a bit of mockery of the masses by blatantly displaying this symbol. Some believe the Target department store chain logo—the red circle and point—is one example. [Emphasis added by Liberty To The Captives.]


(Quote source:


Publishing Occult Symbols: God's Way Vs. Satan's Way

God's Way: The point within a circle symbol is properly used in Texe Marrs' Codex Magica book, part 22, because it is identified as an occult symbol, and displayed for the purpose of exposing the hidden, esoteric meaning of this symbol.

Satan's Way: The point within a circle symbol is occultly used on Texe Marrs' Power of Prophecy "Your Gifts Have Blessed the Orphans" page because it is placed in a font design with no mention that it is there.

All occultists, whether they practice openly or covertly, use magical fonts and alphabets, runes, symbols, numbers, occult phraseology, occult doctrines and even colors to "mark" their work for Satan. They also "mark" themselves by endorsing people like Dr. Joye Pugh who teaches Luciferian doctrine.

God commands his people to abstain from all appearance of evil:

"Abstain from all appearance of evil." (1 Thess. 5:22)

For more information about Texe Marrs' occult use of masonic symbols read the shownotes and listen to the podcast Occult-Type Fonts on So-Called Christian Websites.


UPDATE: Magical Font Used to Create Image on Marrs' Website



(1) "Your Gifts Have Blessed the Orphans" image was found at
Use of image complies with the terms of the Fair Use Copyright Law.

Michael Pearl of also marked his work for Freemasonry by placing a "point within a circle" symbol on the cover of his book, Eight Kingdoms. See: Michael Pearl's Eight Kingdoms -- Masonic Symbolism.

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