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  "Plainville Baptist Church": Sun Spiral

Luciferian Death Imagery on Preacher/Adult Sunday School Teacher's Blog

In view of my warning that this coven of witches is posing as a church in order to take advantage of and spiritually destroy Christians, take note of the death imagery human skull and Luciferian Sun Spiral symbolism Harold F. Crowell used for a time to mark the blog he set up to promote his brand of Dispensationalism: Foreverkingdom's Blog.  (The spiral is used in witchcraft to "catch" demons. )

Note: The backwards phrase, "Foreverkingdom," is not found in the English dictionary, the Holy Bible or in Christian writings. Where did this title come from? I wonder if the inspiration for this title comes from the term, Forever Kingdom, which is the name of a violent, witchcraft-themed role-playing Playstation 2 game.(1)




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