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Peter Ruckman's Unscriptural View on the KJV

Who is Peter Ruckman and what is his view on the KJV?

Peter Ruckman earned his PhD from Bob Jones University. He holds to the view that the KJV is separately inspired of God, contains advanced revelation, and thus superior to the original Hebrew and Greek Scriptures. Ruckmanís position is erroneous, even heretical because inspiration in the light of 2 Tim 3:16, and 2 Pet 1:21 is applicable only to the original writers books of canonical and Greek).

Quote source: KJV: Q & A


Note: Peter Ruckman teaches dispensationalism, a hermeneutic created by John Nelson Darby. John Darby, the Father of Dispensationlism, created his own Bible as the foundation for the doctrines he claimed to "recover" for the church. (Darby inserted pre-trib doctrine into the bible he named after himself.)

There are many "plants" in the church. This website exposes many of them. You decide for yourself if you believe Peter Ruckman's fruits reveal if he is a genuine follower of Jesus Christ.


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