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 Sign Online Petition: Bernie McCabe Must Stop Shielding Michael Schiavo and Begin a Criminal Investigation

The following letter was written by Ron Panzer of  Hospice Patients Alliance. Please take a moment and sign. You don't have to live in Florida to make a difference. They have a certain apathy factor they are shooting for. Don't let them have it. ~Lisa

A petition is being circulated to demand an investigation into the violations of law perpetrated by Michael Schiavo against Terri Schindler Schiavo. All of us are being asked to send it in to Florida State Attorney Bernie McCabe who has the authority and duty to investigate violations of Florida laws.  We are asking you to send it in to Florida State Attorney Bernie McCabe by going to the following petition page at the Children of God for Life website:

Note: You MUST COPY the text of the petition at that page and PASTE IT into the "comments" box for it to go to Bernie McCabe.  Just filling in your information and clicking "submit" will only send a blank email.  The "comments" box is what your email will say.

Please send this action alert about the petition to all members of any email lists you have so that it is widely circulated.

You can also fax or mail in your comments to his office.

Bernie McCabe's fax number is:


His mailing address is:

State Attorney Bernie McCabe

14250 49th Street North

Clearwater, FL 33762

His phone number is:

(727) 464-6221

If you want to send a copy to Gov Jeb Bush, his email address is:  

Getting a criminal investigation going may be one of the best ways to protect Terri.

Ron Panzer for Hospice Patients Alliance



[Update 5/02/05: Bernie McCabe refused to touch the Terri Schiavo case but a pastor from Clearwater Florida wants to hire a task force to do a truly independent investigation. Read more about this in The Truth About Getting Justice For Terri.

Also see: Scientology Vs Terri Schiavo

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