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Ridiculous Corrections of the KJV by Modern Apostates

The NKJV & the Triquetra Part 2

The following is a follow up of my earlier article on the topic of the triquetra, which is the symbol on the cover of the so called New King James Bible. Due to a number of computer and e-mail related issues, I had to alter the text of the earlier article and omit all
graphics. I also had trouble with the file becoming corrupt due to its very enormous size. To make up for this shortcoming I have included here a list of websites that discuss, promote, and sell Triquetras. In order to be as objective as possible, I concentrate
mostly upon sites that are favorable to the triquetra. Only the last small section is devoted to critiques of the symbol, and I only included them because they present other examples presented by groups that favor the use of it, and some of these sites have since disappeared from the internet (although everyone of them was still there when I first wrote the early draft of my first Triquetra article). I commented enough in my first article, and it would be unnecessary and redundant to do so here. These sites speak volumes about the Triquetra, so I will let them tell us what we need to know about the New King James Bible promoters.

I will restrict my discussion to the use of the Triquetra by the modern "Christian" church. It is the NKJV publisher’s claim that the Triquetra is a Christian symbol, so let us examine what churches use it. There are three types of churches that favor the Triquetra. Number one is the Catholic Church. This is the church that promotes many pagan symbols, elevates Mary to a goddess, prays to gods masquerading as saints, calls its priests father in direct defiance of the command of Jesus that we call no man father,
denies its priests marital relationships while ignoring the molestation of young boys, places pagan Greek philosophers over the Bible, discourages Bible reading, and which formerly murdered anyone who tried to make the Bible available to the masses. It is also
the church that makes a god of a man dressed in scarlet, who lives in a house full of pagan art from Rome, Greece, Egypt, and other parts of the world, and which is adorned with art that is pagan, homo-erotic, and pornographic. This is the church that first
started using the Triquetra.

The second type of church is all of the apostate modern 501(c)3 corporate denominations that, like proper whores, (1) are returning to their madam, which is the Catholic Church. These modern churches include the United Methodist, United Church of Christ, Episcopalian, most Lutheran denominations, and even some liberal forms of Baptists, who approve of and promote the murder of unborn babies, the "marrying" of same-sex couples, the ordaining of sodomites as ministers and ministerettes, and the acceptance of New
Age beliefs and practices.

The third type is the modern party house style of 501(c)3 corporations that do not know the difference between churches and hip hangouts for partying, immodesty, obscene dancing, and Satanic music that mocks God. Although the NIV is more popular with these establishments, the NKJV is also very popular. As I wrote in my first Triquetra article, I
witnessed a professed Christian band that sported Triquetras on all of their album covers play Satanically inspired music for over an hour, and later found that all of the Bibles in the church were NKJV's with large and prominent Triquetras on them. The symbol does fit these churches, as it does with the other two types listed above.
Here is an incomplete, but representative, list of Triquetra sites that tell us all we need to know about the NKJV, its promoters, and the churches that display them:

[Note about urls]

Sellers of Triquetras

Charmed (TV show promoting witchcraft)

Book of Shadows (Spell book for witches made popular
through Charmed TV show)

Harry Potter;y=meanarose;u=1000a

Tarot Cards & Boxes (many more are found in the
general list of shops that sell triquetra items)

Ouija Boards (many more are found in the general list
of shops that sell triquetra items)

Satanic Bands Using Triquetras
(note: Satanic salute in photo)
The St. Louis Punk site is too obscene to include


Babylonian Trees (Christmas Trees)

The Catholic Harlot Religion'catholic%20chur


Corporations (Visa)

Misc. Nuts & Fruitcakes

General information from non-Christian sources

Christian information on the Triquetra with relevant

Your servant in Christ,
John Hinton, Ph.D.
Bible Restoration Ministry
A ministry seeking the translating and reprinting of
KJV equivalent Bibles in all the languages of the


Do not idly explore the occult sites listed above. The author provided these urls strictly for the purpose of documenting the triquetra's pagan associations and uses. The children of God must "learn not the way of the heathen." (Jer. 10:2)

It is the heathen, not "the offspring of God," who represent the Godhead with silver, stone, graven art and man's device:

"Forasmuch then as we are the offspring of God, we ought not to think that the Godhead is like unto gold, or silver, or stone, graven by art and man's device." (Acts 17:29)

(1) The words "whore" and "harlot" in reference to the Catholic church are used to describe a false religious system that has departed from the truth as set forth in the Holy Bible alone. These words do not imply that born again individuals who were raised in Catholic homes (but have since left this false system) are spiritual harlots or whores.

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