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More Occult Markings on the Left Behind Series: 

 Armageddon To Be Released on Satanic Holiday: Day of the Masters, April 8

In keeping with the last two books, the next book in the Left Behind Series is also to be released on a day Satan's followers recognize as their own: Day of the Masters, on April 8, 2003. This is the date they have publicized on their website. They have already moved the release date up from June, 2003, to this occult date. The fact that this is their targeted "unleashing" date is instructive to me.

The last two books were released during satanic high times as well. Desecration was released on October 30, 2001, the day before Halloween. October 29, 2002 was the date selected to release their movie, Left Behind 2: Tribulation Force. What is so special about October 29? It is a satanic high day called All Hallow Eve. It comes of course, right before Halloween on the 31st which is the climax of the "celebration" complete with ritual human sacrifice. Halloween is often called All Hallow's Eve and in fact, the All Hallow's Eve satanic high holy days run from October 28-November 4 every year. This is the time the demons are active and will oblige Satan's followers most readily. See: Ritual Calendar. 

The Bible commands Christians to abstain from all appearance of evil. Why is the third Left Behind book in a row released on a satanic "holy" day? Satanists launch important projects on satanic high days in order to get the demons to cooperate with them in their endeavors. They also curse the products they produce for sale to the public by releasing them on occult high or celebratory days. 

Why would Christians want to even appear to be doing the same thing? It is a sin to disobey God's word. How can they claim God's blessing is on these books and videos when they are releasing them on the very days that are associated with Satan's blessings? They do this far too consistently for this to be merely coincidental. Please see TRIBULATION FORCE Movie to be Released on a Satanic High Day Too.

I find it quite predictable that the Tyndale-House-sponsored website,, has removed the release dates of their own books from their website. They are actually withholding this information on their website while trying not to be too obvious about it. To verify this statement, go to their FAQ page here. The first question reads as follows:

Q: When is the next book in the Series coming out?
A: The Remnant, book #10 in the Series, is now available in stores. Stay tuned as we will be announcing the name and verifying the release date of Book #11 in the Series.

Click here for release dates for all the Left Behind Series books and products. 

At this writing, The link that is supposed to take the website visitor to a page with the release dates for all the Left Behind Series books and products is empty. It merely has the words, "What's New?" at the top of the page. They obviously removed the dates. Why?

Interestingly, and again, predictably, there is no sign of the precise release dates of all the books in the Left Behind Series. This information was freely available on the internet  in June, 2001. Perhaps they are not pleased that someone has commented on the fact that they choose satanic human sacrifice days to release their Left Behind novels. 

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