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Pray For God to Deliver People Intended For Sacrifice on Spring Equinox

This year the Spring equinox is on March 20th. 

Date: Around March 21st is the ~ SPRING EQUINOX (Sabbat Festival, Major Fertility Sabbath) ~orgy rituals are performed. 

Even though this is not a matter of record on most ritual calendars, human sacrifice does takes place at this time in the satanic covens: 

"An involuntary sacrifice is when an individual or individuals are chosen by a group, Temple or Order. Such sacrifices are usually sacrificed on the Spring Equinox, although if this is not possible for whatever reason, another date may be used." 

(link for the purpose of documentation only: Human Sacrifice 666 The Guide and the Ceremony to Sacrifice

Please fast and pray that God would intervene and rescue the people that Satan intends to ritually kill through his followers all over the world. God has been faithful to answer this prayer because it is according to his will. God hears the prayers of the righteous and they do avail much. 

Thank you.--

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