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Karin Spaink's Martyr of the COE Remarks

From: Karin Spaink - view profile
Date: Wed, Jul 18 2001 9:33 pm
Email: Karin Spaink <>
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"Doug" <> kindly wrote:
> Thanks Karin Spaink!

What's so bad about forwarding articles, pray?

And yes, I am a proud member of the CoE. Their first Dutch
member, actually. You know that they promote suicide?

Even *you* can get to be a martyr of the CoE, Doug. All it
takes is to mention them in your suicide note. You'll be
instantaneously elevated to that long craved status. And if
you said I made you do it, I'm sure I can get bonus points.

     Karin Spaink

I write, therefore I am:

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Eating Human Babies (Yummy For the Tummy)


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