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True Gospel Vs. False Gospel Articles

The articles below are directed toward non-Christians

How to Get to Heaven 

Salvation Made Plain


The articles below are directed toward Christians

God is Not Mocked By a False Definition of Grace must read

Walking After the Flesh = Under Law; Walking After the Spirit = Under Grace 

Which Spirit is Bearing Witness That You are a Child of God?

What Law Are Believers Under?  must read

The Spiritual High Cost of of a False Water Baptism

True Gospel Vs. False Gospel Chart

Law That Frees Us From Sin and Death

If You are Led of the Spirit, You are Not Under the Law

Letter To Someone Explaining the "Salvation Equation"

A Single and an Evil Eye

"Patient" Faith and Salvation

online book: Jesus Said, "Come, Follow Me!" This book is worth printing out and reading a short section at a time.

Books and Articles by David Neal 

Free From the Wages of Sin Equals Being a Servant Unto Righteousness  

Faith or Saving Faith

Power to Become Sons of God; Power to Live Godly in Christ Jesus

Will the Sexually Immoral Go to Hell?

When Would a Christian Need to Fear?  When God Commands it!

Few There Be That Find Everlasting Life

Everyone Has Faith; Does That Mean Everyone is Justified? 

False Teachings Concerning the Eternal Security of Continually Sinning Christians

Marvelous Grace to Keep Us From Falling

Two Seemingly Opposing Truths in Salvation

Are You Responding to the Moral Light God is Giving You? 

Suppose An Unholy Man Were to Go to Heaven?

Are You Criticizing God?  (I Was) 

Working Out Our Own Salvation

Sin Reigns Unto Death But Grace Reigns Unto Righteousness Unto Eternal Life

Faith With a Conscience

Why Suffering? (guest article)

Censored Teachings on the Blood of Christ

Grace is About Abiding and Continuing in God's Goodness

A Call to Self-Examination 

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