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Fasting and Prayer Against Human Sacrifice Needed: Dec. 21st, Dec. 24th and Dec. 31st

December is a month of heavy human sacrifice. Millions of Satan's followers do everything in their power to carry out this ritual throughout the world for the purpose of obtaining more demonic cooperation to carry out their Master's work. Ritual human sacrifice is real. It is not a myth, even though Satan's followers do a lot of damage control (including via the Scientology website, to cause you to think it is.

My husband witnessed a human sacrifice years ago in the '70s when he was a teenager. The ritual slaying he saw was done on New Year's Eve in Salem, Massachusetts, and no, he was not really allowed to watch. The only reason they did not stop him from viewing this atrocity is because he had such powerful devils in his life at the time (from mult-generational satanism) that they did not even try to prevent him from being a nonparticipating onlooker. 

We are thankful to God for saving Gary's soul later on and for giving us the strength to go through what was necessary for him to be delivered from devils that were supposed to be operative in his life today while he served "The Plan."

God has revealed to us that it is His will to prevent Satan's followers from carrying out human sacrifice, and that He is willing to intervene in marvelous ways if we will pray in faith. Since God works through the prayers of his people, we need to enter into His burden and fast and pray on the specific days in which we know ritual human sacrifices are planned.

Human sacrifices are carried out on the full moon of every month. Prayer is needed to save the lives of people who are supposed to die on this day.

The Winter Solstice is on December 21st this year. Please begin praying now and fast too if God impresses you to do this. Ask God to do what is needed to enable the intended victims to get away or be rescued. Ask God to cause Satan's servants to turn to Him when they witness His awesome power in repeatedly thwarting Satan in his plans to have a certain number of sacrifices performed on his "holy" days.

Midnight on December 24th, Christmas Eve, is another time human sacrifice is performed. Satan's workers hope that Christians will not pray against the bloody, defiling horrors they intend to inflict upon their victims on this very unholy night.

New Year's Eve is also a night Satan's followers honor Satan by ritually slaying people all over the world. Please fast and pray that God will miraculously intervene to save the lives of thousands of people from a horrifying death. 

We can and must bring glory to God by praying and thus preventing Satan's followers from receiving more power from their master through the destruction of human beings that were created in God's image. We must co-labor with the Lord Jesus Christ to save lives and also delay the implementation of the New World Order which can only be brought in by much death and suffering.

Sincerely thanking you for praying,

Gary and Lisa Ruby

Christ-Mass: Your Gift to God is Intercessory Prayer

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