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Pray For the Deliverance of People Being Held for Human Sacrifice on Candlemas, Feb 2nd

Candlemas is a satanic Sabbat Festival in which sexual and blood rituals are performed, and animals and human beings are sacrificed to Satan. See: Ritual Calendar

Brethren, it is not God's will that Satan receive glory by the ritual murder of human beings which are created in the image of God. Satan can be greatly hindered in this evil endeavor, and many sacrifices can be prevented by the effectual, fervent prayers of righteous saints.  Please begin praying now and fast until supper or midnight on February 2nd, and intercede for the lives of the people who have been bred or kidnapped for the purpose of this horrible ritual death. At this moment, people are being held all over the world and undergoing ceremonial preparation for the February 2nd midnight killings. If this time has already passed in the part of the world in which you live, please pray anyway, because February 2nd has not yet come in other parts of the world.

Ritual human sacrifice is done for the purpose of empowering Satan's followers with more demons to bring in the government of the beast, which is the New World Order. Also, non-ritual mass bloodshed has been orchestrated through the years via planned wars, etc. for the purpose of bringing Satan's time of worldwide rule  that much closer to fruition. 

God is greatly pleased with prayers against human sacrifice. This intercession must must be done by overcoming Christians who are not willfully giving place to the devil. May God richly bless you for doing unto others as you would have them do unto you.

If you have never prayed against human sacrifice, please read How To Pray on Halloween. 

These are disturbing articles, but if you are skeptical of the assertions that human sacrifice is an integral part of satanism, please see:

Cases of Human Sacrifice Around the World

Human Sacrifice 666 The Guide and the Ceremony to Sacrifice. 

With grateful thanks for your commitment to pray,

Gary and Lisa Ruby

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