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Excerpt of Desecration Chapter One --with my observations 

The Tribulation Force believed that Antichrist and his minions were about to attack Israeli Christ-followers and that, when they fled, Rayford and his recruited fellow believers would serve as agents of rescue.
He dressed in a khaki shirt and shorts and went looking for Albie, his second-in-command. The helpers, rallied via the Internet by Rayford’s daughter, Chloe, from the safe house in Chicago, had only recently finished the landing strip. They had alternated shifts; some were instructed in flight plans by the same personnel who had checked them in and verified the mark of the believer on their foreheads, while others ran heavy equipment or toiled as laborers.
“Here, Chief,” Albie said, as Rayford took in the row after row of helicopters, jets, and even the occasional prop plane lining the far side of the strip. “First mission accomplished.”
The small, dark, former black marketer, nicknamed after his home city of Al Basrah, wore his bogus GC deputy commander uniform and had in tow a large young man who, Rayford was not surprised to learn, was from California.
“George Sebastian,” the tall, thick blond said, extending a powerful hand.
“Oh, I know who you are, sir,” George said. “Pretty sure everybody here does.”
“Let’s hope nobody outside here does,” Rayford said. “So you’re Albie’s choice for chopper lead.”
“Well, he, uh, asked that I refer to him as Commander Elbaz, but yes, sir.”
“What do we like about him?” Rayford asked Albie.
“Experienced. Smart. Knows how to handle a bird.”
“Fine by me. Wish I had time to socialize, George, but—”
“If you have just another minute, Captain Steele . . .”
Rayford glanced at his watch. “Walk with us, George.”
They headed to the south end of the new airstrip, Rayford’s eyes and ears alert for unfriendly skies. “I’ll make it quick, sir. It’s just that I like to tell people how it happened with me.”
“You know, sir.”
Rayford loved these stories, but there was a time and place for everything, and this was neither.
“Nothing dramatic, Captain. Had a chopper instructor, Jeremy Murphy, who always told me Jesus was coming to take Christians to heaven. ’Course, I thought he was a nutcase, and I even got him in trouble for proselytizing on the job. But he wouldn’t quit. He was a good instructor, but I didn’t want a thing to do with the other stuff. I was loving life—newly married, you know.”
“He invited me to church and everything. I never went. Then the big day happens. Millions missing everywhere. Smart as I’m supposed to be, I actually tried calling him to see if my session was called off that day ’cause of all the chaos and everything. Later that night somebody found his clothes on a chair in front of his TV.”
Rayford stopped and studied George. He would have enjoyed hearing more, but the clock was ticking. “Didn’t take you long after that, did it?”
George shook his head. “I went cold. I felt so lucky I hadn’t been killed. I prayed, I mean right then, that I would remember the name of his church. And I did, but hardly anybody was there. Anyway, I found somebody who knew what was going on, they reminded me what Murphy had been telling me, and they prayed with me. I’ve been a believer ever since. My wife too.”
“My story’s almost the same,” Rayford said, “and maybe one of these days I’ll have time to tell you. But—” --end excerpt

 Authors ALWAYS Have Characters Saved in the Very Circumstances Scripture Promises They Cannot Be Saved

I have already explained in other articles that the infallible Holy Bible tells us that anyone who "received not the love the truth that they might be saved  before the Tribulation begins-- when that Wicked is revealed-- will not be saved. Those who would not believe the truth but instead "had pleasure in unrighteousness" will all be damned.  Read Second Thessalonians, chapter 2.  

Over and over the authors make sure they have characters who have already heard and rejected the truth before the Tribulation began, become Christians after it starts.  The authors, in George's case,  make certain the reader knows he "had pleasure in unrighteousness" and refused to love the truth so that he might be saved, but they neglected to even give the gospel message in this account.

This theme is repeated over and over in the series.  They make sure the reader knows the character had been witnessed to before the Tribulation began and that they enjoyed their unrighteousness  and so refused to be saved.  These people, the ones scripture promises will be sent strong delusion by God Himself and will believe the LIE, are the ones who are being saved in the LEFT BEHIND series!

This is anti-evangelism, no doubt!  This is false hope, yes, a snare even, to millions who think they can wait and see some visible proof-- the physical evidence of millions missing-- before it becomes absolutely necessary to commit one's life and soul to the Lord Christ.

WHEN will "that Wicked" be revealed?  We don't know exactly, but a falling away must happen and whoever is keeping him from coming to power (only God can do that) will be taken out of the way at some point and then "that Wicked" will be revealed.  Once that time has come and "that Wicked" is revealed, those who have rejected Christ will be sent strong delusion straight from God himself, and will believe the lie, which is believing what "that Wicked" wants you to believe...that he is as God!  Nobody, no matter how cleverly they preach, can open the door of faith and "let them in" to be saved.  

Think of how many people in Noah's day heard Noah's preach for one hundred twenty years of the coming flood and they would not love the truth and be saved.  They would not repent.  Look what happened to them!  Once God closed the door, nobody could open it and let them in!  The time they had for repentance was closed to them.  Their "seeing is believing" lack of faith sealed their eternal doom.  They should have repented while the window of opportunity was still there, but they had too much pleasure in their unrighteousness and when the flood began it was eternally too late. 

I have addressed this issue in my book, GOD'S WRATH on "Left Behind."

Let's look at George's situation.  Yes, the authors want the reader to know George was having too much pleasure in righteousness to heed the message his friend tried to give him about God: "but I didn’t want a thing to do with the other stuff.  I was loving life—newly married, you know.”

Yes, another person was saved in the storyline when according to the Bible he would have definitely been not been saved and would been sent strong delusion by God to believe the LIE.

Believing that Jesus Has Already Returned (or Will Return) is NOT the Message of Reconciliation to God.  It is NOT the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

I could see it coming, slowly but surely in the other books, and now I see it blatant and plain as day! The gospel has been redefined in DESECRATION, chapter one to mean that Jesus will come back before the tribulation to take Christians to heaven. This is what being a believer means?  (Remember, the devils believe Jesus is returning to take Christians to heaven according to the word of God, but they certainly don't qualify as being reconciled to God.)  Not a word is mentioned of the gospel of Jesus Christ in this exchange.  Not a word! George became a "believer" by believing that disappearances and missing people equals the RAPTURE, and believing the rapture occurred equals being a believer.

What made George believe?  Millions missing everywhere.  What was the fact that millions were missing everywhere supposed to make George believe? That Jesus returned to take them to heaven and he was still here.  Believing this made him a believer? 

This is a phony salvation, and since that is how the entire Trib Force was saved could very well explain why they are still in the "bond of iniquity."  None of the presentations of their conversions focused on them being saved from their sins as the reason for coming to faith in Jesus Christ, with the exception of Rayford.  In the series, the REASON the characters came to faith is because there were worldwide disappearances and someone convinced them that Jesus Christ had returned and they did not go with him.  

In the LEFT BEHIND series, salvation from sin was usually a lesser issue in comparison to being saved from not believing what someone had told them in the past about the rapture.  Characters were not first and foremost saved from their sins; they were saved from not believing in the rapture which supposedly got them to believe to the point where they "prayed the prayer" even though the reader is never privy to what that prayer contained exactly, except in the case of Rayford.  

I remember in the first book Rayford was quite sorry he had not believed his wife's preaching about the rapture, and he was sorry for his sins concerning his adulterous emotional relationship with Hattie, his mistreatment of his wife, his lust for money and prestige, etc.  The other members of the Trib Force had changes in their lives initially as well, but the FOCUS was always being saved from not believing in the rapture to believing that it had occurred and they missed it.

Rayford knew he neded forgiveness of sin, and it says so in LEFT BEHIND page 213.  When he prayed to be saved, he admitted being a sinner and being sorry for his sins.  He asked for forgiveness from God and asked to be saved.  He actually had faith in the blood of Jesus to pay the price for his salvation.  This was all included and made known to the reader in the prayer on page 216.

The pressures of living during the Tribulation have not caused Rayford to believe and heed the Bible's command to have "the patience of the saints" and to "keep the commandments of God, and the faith of Jesus." (See Rev. 14:12)  He can lie and "bluster" his way through life serving "the cause" with the rest of them now. 

But please look at the characters' "conversions" as you proceed through the series.  They get farther and farther away from what the Bible says a Christian conversion is until you have this blatantly false conversion in chapter one of DESECRATION, and most people are so conditioned by the slow erosion of Bible truths in the series that they don't even notice this counterfeit conversion experience of being saved from not believing in the rapture.  ALL the conversions in the LEFT BEHIND series are false because none of the characters (biblically speaking) would have been able to resist believing Carpathia was "that Wicked" or antichrist.  Why?  Because they "received not the love of the truth" but instead "had pleasure in unrighteousness" before the Tribulation began.  None of these people would have received any Holy Ghost conviction of sin and believed the wouldn't matter how smart they were or who witnessed to them after the Tribulation started.   God's word in Second Thessalonians is so hard hitting about this that nobody could miss this truth unless they did it on purpose.

When George went to the church did they tell him he was a sinner and needed to repent and believe the gospel?  No. "they reminded me what Murphy had been telling me, and they prayed with me." What precisely was it that Murphy had been telling him?  Whatever it was, it was not important enough for George to mention to Rayford.  The only thing important enough to mention was that he "found somebody who knew what was going on." We know what that implies.  They knew the rapture had occurred. Those who "knew what was going on" prayed with George.  What was the content of the prayer?  The authors don't have George disclose this so the readers can benefit from it.  Again, it must not be important enough to mention. 

This is not even remotely close to a gospel presentation.  Are you noticing the way the authors are making the readers think a certain way?  It's not just what is written, but WHAT IS LEFT OUT.   Anything other than believing the rapture occurred and he was left behind, was deemed too insignificant in George's "conversion" for the authors to bother revealing in the dialogue between characters.

Believing the rapture happened is NOT the gospel of Jesus Christ!  Yes, Jesus will return in the clouds (the same way he left, praise God! Rev. 1: 7) for his saints, and those who become Christians DO believe that Jesus died for our sins, was buried, rose again, and is coming again, but believing he has returned (or will return) is not the message of reconciliation to God!  Do you see the redefining going on here? 

It is probable an unbeliever could read this and think that if one day he sees large numbers of people missing, he will know for sure the rapture has really happened, and once he believes this has taken place, then he will consider himself to be a believer.

Where is the sinfulness of man and need of forgiveness from a holy God mentioned, or the necessity of repentance, salvation by grace through faith, the blood of Christ, the cross, or reconciliation to God? Where is the teaching of George being turned from darkness to light, and from the power of Satan unto God, that he may receive forgiveness of sins, and inheritance among them which are sanctified by faith that is in Jesus Christ?  (See Acts 26: 18)

Where is the truth that when one believes on the Lord Jesus Christ, one is delivered from the power of darkness and translated  into the kingdom of God's dear Son?  Where is the truth of redemption through the blood of Christ, even the forgiveness of sins?   Where is the peace we can have with God only through the blood of Christ, and that by Him we have reconciliation to God?  (See Col. 1:13, 14, 20.  Where is the truth that Jesus Christ gave himself for the purpose of redeeming us from all iniquity, and to purify unto himself a peculiar people, zealous of good works? (See Titus 2: 14)

Well, if that was taught in the storyline in the series then the readers would have good reason to wonder what kind of "cause" the Trib Force is working for because they are still under Satan's power, after an initial change that they did not continue in.  What evidence do I have to say they are under Satan's power?  They lie as a lifestyle!  The Bible is clear about the fate of liars: "But the fearful, and unbelieving, and the abominable, and murderers, and whoremongers, and sorcerers, and idolaters, and all liars, shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone: which is the second death." Revelation 21: 8

"Oh, but you don't understand.  These liars are Christians!  They are saved liars.  They have to lie to get by during the time when Antichrist rules the earth!"  I'm sorry, but the word of God, which "liveth and abideth forever" (even during the Tribulation) says ALL liars shall have their part in the lake of fire.  All unrepentant liars will have their part in the lake of fire.  Please don't allow the Left Behind series to condition you to actually believe that Christians may lie as a lifestyle and go to heaven to be with a holy God whose name is TRUTH.  God is not so small that his people have to adopt the morals of satanists in order to survive during the time of  the Tribulation. 

That is what the patience of the saints is for, and what the grace that has appeared to all men (even during the Tribulation) teaches us: 

teaching us that, denying ungodliness and worldly lusts, we should live soberly, righteously, and godly, in this present world; looking for that blessed hope, and the glorious appearing of the great God and our Saviour Jesus Christ:" (See Titus 2:12)             

If you are a follower of the Lord Jesus Christ you must love the truth and the Lord Jesus Christ, who is the way, the truth and the life. Therefore, you must renounce all lies as well as the Father of lies.

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