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????The Mark????


im fairly new to the boards , so hi to all

ive been trying to keep up with all the threads about this topic amongst all that has been going on ... i have a quick question for any1......does any1 have a REAL answer to the question if any1 is "forced" (if that is possible being a TRUE child of god) to take the mark is that person still in gods grace or has his soul been lost for eternity????

second..... from what ive been reading in all the posts, (and some1 please tell me if im wrong) the quote from jerry said you can have the mark and still go to heaven right?? if they dont worship, am i wrong in sayin ..that is what he(jerry) was saying...

third...... my opion , would it be a fair statement to say , that when other people have clearly asked the author, to set the record straight to this complex question of his own statement made , why has he not even tried to clear this up for any1??

being a man of god(teacher) would it not be wise to try instead of keeping people unclear of god words as what is right or wrong? , (and for every1 the statement is for the "MARK" statement not about the moon affiliation ok. i myself will be talking with my pastor this coming sunday about this topic.

i guess my feelings on this is: instead of all the bashing going on , and really no answers to the TRUE QUESTION at hand by the maker of the statement at all!!!!!

whether he belives this to be true wellp god be with us all and seek HIS word and not be deceived my mans interpretations  -- end quote

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