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Clayton Tedeton Threatens Legal Action Against Lisa Ruby

In the early afternoon of March 5, 2004, I received a call from Clayton Tedeton. Yes, it was definitely Clayton. His voice and manner of speaking are quite distinctive. 

The reason for the call: He told me that if I do not remove my articles about Miracle II from the internet, that he was going to take legal action against me. He said he was sending some "papers" and that I would have to answer them.

Of course I refused to remove the articles. The Lord gave me the task of writing about the Miracle II subtle energy product line. I will not disobey God and remove the articles for fear of what Clayton Tedeton threatens to do in retaliation:

The fear of man bringeth a snare: but whoso putteth his trust in the LORD shall be safe. Prov. 29:28

While I certainly do not want to be sued by Clayton—who has millions of dollars at his disposal and thus is in a position to have his own way most of the time—I trust God to protect me as I continue to walk in obedience. During the course of the conversation, I told Clayton more than once that God would protect me. Finally, I ended the conversation abruptly by hanging up on him. He called back to tell me to "have a nice day." 

I can understand why so many people follow Clayton Tedeton. They are impressed with his smooth, charming personality. But his personality and wealth do not change the fact that the God of the Bible does not heal via subtle energy products or methodologies—including the Miracle II product line. 

Is the Lord Jesus Christ the "god of subtle energy"? No, he is not. Is the power of the Holy Spirit a commodity that can be bought and sold? No, the Holy Spirit is God and He heals according to His will and His timing. The Holy Spirit does not heal via the application of subtle energy products. To do so would be to yoke with Satan, who is the god of subtle energy. God does not co-labor with Satan in order to heal His people. 

I will keep you posted as to any further developments ensuing from Clayton's threat of legal retaliation against me for writing the series of articles called Miracle II: The Real Master Behind the Miracles.

Lisa Ruby

update 04/03/04

Miracle II Representative Indicates Loss of Business

Jonathan Regas, who appears to have written on behalf of Heartland EnterprisesClayton Tedeton's Miracle II companysent me three emails. Mr. Regas' email address indicates that he is affiliated with the Heartland Enterprises' website:

Clayton Tedeton promotes his Heartland Enterprises Miracle II company by participating in once-a-month in conference calls. Clayton's once-a-month telephone presence is touted as an exclusive bonus for Heartland Enterprises' customers. [1]

Perhaps it is better for public relations if Clayton Tedeton's Miracle II company—Heartland Enterprises—retaliates against me for my critiques rather than Mr. Tedeton.

Jonathan Regas, who is apparently communicating with me on behalf of Heartland Enterprises, sent me another letter today:

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We have asked you nicely to remove all materials on your website that was taken from website and you have not complied. If you have not removed our copyrighted materials by 12:00 noon on Monday 5 April 2004 you will leave us no other alternative than to been legal action to have your website removed. We are also contemplating suing you for damages and lose [sic] of business. This all can be avoided if you will just remove the materials taken from the website.

I finally responded and wrote back today with this one-sentence email: 

Who are you in relation to Heartland Enterprises?

I did not receive a response.

Citing passages for the purpose of writing critiques comes under Fair Use of copyrighted materials.


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note: [1] Telephone Conference Call

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