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Chang Confessed Antichrist Before Men!

DESECRATION, page 322, shows the Christian character, Chang (of whom we remember is already marked with Antichrist's mark) confess his allegiance to Antichrist!  Of course this is not how it was presented in the storyline, but this is what Chang actually did.

The reader was set up to agree with the notion that Chang did not actually deny the Lord Jesus Christ before men by a twist brought to the story before Chang was even questioned with the polygraph software.

This "setting up" up was done back on page 317 when Chang pinned the lapel microphone to his shirt, praying silently.  The key, he knew, was how the questions were worded.  In his mind, a mole was an animal; he was a human being. If the questions were too specific and unequivocal, he'd be in trouble.  

Now the reader is introduced to the idea that if the wording was not specific enough, it would be possible for Chang to pass this polygraph test.  Let us remember this polygraph software would have to be very sophisticated, and able to detect the degree of nervousness that is consistent with feelings of guilt on the part of the person being interviewed.

The specific question Chang was given first was: "Are you loyal to the supreme potentate?" Desecration pg. 322  Now this looks like a non-specific question at first glance because indeed the phrase "supreme potentate" could mean different things to different people but not in the situation in which Chang was asked this question.  

The circumstances in which Chang was asked this question made it very clear to him (and the reader!) just exactly WHO the phrase "supreme potentate" referred to and that who was Antichrist!  Chang and his interrogator knew the question was specifically asked to determine if he was truly loyal to Antichrist.  The reader was set up to think that "supreme potentate" was not specific wording, when it was the actual name that was used in the palace and the world to refer to Antichrist, most importantly Chang knew this referred to Antichrist.  

Chang closed his eyes and reminded himself that Jesus Christ was the only person who fit that description.  "Yes," he said.

Chang was even asked if the "supreme potentate" had risen from the dead and was the living lord: "Is the supreme potentate risen from the dead and the living lord?"  "Yes."  This is outright blasphemy for a Christian to say "Yes" to questions that attribute to Antichrist the qualities of the Lord Jesus Christ!  We are supposed to believe that affirming Antichrist as being God is serving the "cause," correct?  Which cause may that be?

This a way to steer the reader into "going along with the program' when the New World Order (Kingdom of Antichrist) is implemented.  As long as the Christian makes it look like he is merging with the New World Order and the One World Leader (Antichrist) then he will be able to save his own life in this world and still find it!

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