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Did Chang Have a Choice To Confess the Lord Jesus Christ?

Yes, Chang had a choice to actually follow Jesus once he had believed upon his name.  Instead of following Jesus and enduring to the end, as all overcomers must,  he compromised from the very beginning by refusing to confess to his father that he had decided to follow Jesus.  He had ample time to confess the Lord Jesus Christ before his father, thinking he was being merely contrary, drugged him and carried him away to receive the mark which is for non-confessors of the Lord Jesus Christ.

The storyline had Chang  not confessing Jesus Christ and thereby saving his own physical life in this world, and also that of his sister, Ming.  The justification made in the storyline for Chang being unwilling to admit to being a Christian was because he wanted to keep his Christian sister "safe" to continue serving in Antichrist's regime undetected.  If he was found out as being a "Judahite" then both he and Ming would be martyred for their faith.  

Even when his father made it clear that he was to actually serve in Antichrist's administration, Chang remained silent about his supposed devotion to Jesus Christ.  His father actually told Chang "And now we know the potentate is the son of god!"  Chang replied, "He is not!  I know no such thing!  He could be the son of Satan for all I know!" Desecration, p 63  Chang had the opportunity and the obligation to counter this blasphemy by confessing Jesus Christ as the Son of God, but instead, he denied Christ by his silence on the "Jesus Christ" matter, even while denouncing the "potentate."  He would not accept the consequences that  come to Christians who are patient during times of tribulation.  Make no mistake; Chang chose to deny the Lord Jesus Christ by his silence, and those who deny Jesus Christ will be denied by him before his Father in heaven.

Yes, Chang intended to tell his Father he was a believer if his father showed that he was determined for Chang to work in Antichrist's employ, but he never got around to doing this!  Later, after Chang was drugged by his father and was being carried away to be marked, Chang "crossed" himself and pointed up to heaven.  This in no way is a confession of Jesus Christ because Chang already had his chance.  Chang was required, as a true follower of Jesus, to confess Jesus Christ (not merely "Christ") while he was able, and he did not do this. 

 The reader is given the dangerous example that one can wait until the very last second to own up to being a Christian.  This is actually teaching the reader to deny Christ for as long as you possibly can!  Guess what?  With practice it gets easier.  Chang waited too long and Antichrist's employees thought he was likeminded with them, and he was, by default.  You cannot serve two masters, and you cannot wait too long to serve the Master you are commanded to be serving now!

"I  defy taking the mark!" is the mark of any generic dissenter.  "I serve the Lord Jesus Christ who is my Lord and Savior I and refuse to yoke myself in any way to Antichrist and his regime!" is the mark of a true Christian.

Chang was defiant about bearing the mark, but he was not devoted enough to Jesus Christ to confess his name no matter what the consequences!  Remember in Left Behind the authors taught us through pastor Bruce that "defiance will be a mark (of God) in itself." p 421  I wonder why they did not have the pastor explain that confessing the Lord Jesus Christ was a mark (of God) in itself?  If they did this, they would never have been able to have had Chang forcibly marked, and the "Christian marked with the beast and still saved" doctrine of demons would never have got off the ground!

David Commended Chang For Now Confessing Jesus Christ With His Mouth!

Back in the book, The Mark, the authors had the character named David commend Chang for not making it known that he belonged to Christ: "I'm glad you didn't just scream out that you're a believer."  (The Mark p 53)  Chang's silence (when he knew about this days in advance and was quite capable of telling his father of his faith in Jesus Christ) was the very reason his father drugged him so he could be  dragged away to be marked as submissive to Antichrist's regime.  Losing the testimony of Jesus IS submission to Satan! 

Storyline Chosen to Make Provision For a Christian Having the Mark of the Beast

Chang's forced marking was made possible only by making provision for it in the storyline.  The real question to be asked is why?  Why have a Christian deny Jesus Christ by his silence, be marked forcibly with the beast, and be depicted as a victim of a forced marking?  Why have this same Christian later on answer in the affirmative to questions specifically formulated to determine if he was loyal to Antichrist as his lord, when anyone could see this was surely the time to stand up and be counted for Jesus Christ.  Why put Christian characters in Antichrist's service and therefore under his authority in the first place?  I can think of other storylines they could have used that would have still enabled the Christian characters find out what was critical to know without putting new born babes in the company of satanists all day long, and having them cast off the armor of light and put on the works of darkness rather than growing in the knowledge and grace of the Lord Jesus Christ! 

Why is the "going along with the program" theme repeated throughout the entire Left Behind series?  What ungodly examples, complete with justifications for most of them, are in the Left Behind series?  What are the recurring themes in the Left Behind series and what harm could they possibly do to Christians (and Christians-to-be) if believed and acted upon in the times ahead? 

There are many more dangerous teachings and examples in the Left Behind series than Chang's "forced" marking, and I have detailed these in my book, God's Wrath on Left Behind.


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