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Biblically, Buck Would Not Have Been Saved After the Tribulation Began

"For many years he had rejected the idea of a personal God or that he had need of God-if there was one."-Left Behind pg. 395-396

"He was, he knew by the wee hours, leaning over the line. He wasn't ready to pray yet, to try to talk to a God he had ignored for so long"  Left Behind pg. 394

"Why, Buck wondered, hadn't that made more of an impact on his own introspective inventory? In the lonely darkness he came to the painful realization that he had long ago compartmentalized this most basic of human needs and had rendered it a nonissue." Left Behind pg. 395

A strong example of Buck's rejection of the truth was his banter with Lucinda (a born-again believer): 

"Come on, Cameron. You know you got your mind right when you saw what God did for Israel." (Buck replied) "Granted, but don't start calling me a Christian. Deist is as much as I'll cop to." (Lucinda said) "Stay in town long enough to come to my church, and God'll getcha." (Buck answered) "He's already got me, Lucinda. But Jesus is another thing."-Left Behind pg. 80 

Buck did nhot want anything to do with Jesus.  It is obvious Lucinda had tried to witness to Buck before, because on page 79, Lucinda said to Buck, "That wasn't even Christian," she had said.  Buck answered, "Don't start with that again."

Again? Buck had been witnessed to by Lucinda.  Buck was accountable to God; he had rejected the truth...believed not the truth and had pleasure in unrighteousness.

According to the Holy Bible, Buck was not able to be saved any more than Bruce, Rayford, or Chloe were.

Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins made it clear that these characters rejected the Lord Jesus Christ before the tribulation began, but were still able to believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and so be saved.  This won't happen in real life!

Every person saved in the series would have not been saved in real life.  Every one of these people would have believed the lie and accepted Antichrist.  Please do not be deceived!  "Behold, now is the accepted time; behold, now is the day of salvation."  Do not rest in the devilish illusion that you can wait to see people disappearing and then repent and believe the gospel.  Call on the Lord while he may be found.  He may be found today, but not after "that Wicked is revealed."

You have the choice to believe the smooth, comforting words of man, or the hard sayings of the Word of God.  Who has the keys to death and hell?  Man or the Lord Jesus Christ?  To whom will you entrust your soul?

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