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Buck Said, "Yeah, Make Me a Card-Carrying Member of Enigma Babylon Faith"

What I am noticing now and is most distressing, is the progressive worsening of the character of the Tribulation Force as the series progresses.

For example, in the book, Assassins, Buck, seeking a fake I.D. card, asks Zeke to "Yeah, make me a card-carrying member of Enigma Babylon Faith." And an organ donor. Why not?" Assassins, page 189  WHY NOT INDEED!

Buck, a "Christian" in this series, chooses to pledge allegiance to the one-world faith of Antichrist via a fake I.D.?  This is putting a dangerous example of go-along-with-the-program into the readers' minds. 

"Oh, this is just fiction hung upon a scriptural outline! The Left Behind promoters cry! The writers are making it appear to the reader that it acceptable to God, under trying circumstances, to deny Christ and pledge allegiance to Satan. At least one can pretend to be a member of Satan's religion if times get rough, right? 

Why are Christian believers languishing in prisons today if all they needed to do was confess that they adhered to whatever the state religion demanded? If this is biblically accurate for the characters in the Left Behind series to do this, then why have Christians been imprisoned and martyred for their faith for two centuries? Why don't the Chinese Christians just sign a paper saying they will be communist atheists, and secretly continue to serve Christ? Because they would lose the testimony of Jesus Christ, that's why! They know God's word is true and that they must endure: "II TIMOTHY 2:12 "If we endure, we shall also reign with Him. If we deny Him, He also will deny us."

Placing a confession of allegiance to a false god on a fake I.D. that one is passing off as one's own,  definitely renounces allegiance to the Lord Jesus Christ, plain and simple! The books teach over and over that INWARD allegiance to Christ is all that is necessary to stand firm in the faith, and that living as if one is serving the Antichrist is permitted under the circumstances. This is an blatant example of  of a believer going along with the New World Order, of which denying the Lord Jesus Christ and embracing Antichrist is a mandate.

Is pretending to merge with the New World Order, and working for the head of it--the Antichrist--the faith of Jesus Christ?  No!

If these books are "hung on a scriptural outline" then why are the believers becoming more ungodly and compromising as time goes by?  Is this the patience of the saints?  Is this keeping the works of Jesus?  No!

Exposing False Doctrines in the Left Behind Series

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