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Too Much Time Elapsed to Investigate Michael Schiavo But Not Too Much to Dispose of Terri?

Whatever benefits the death agenda in the Terri Schiavo case is upheld by Michael's advocates both in and out of court. Whatever benefits the right to Terri Schindler Schiavo's equal protection under the law is almost always struck down.

Florida state attorney Bernie McCabe's excuse in September for refusing to get involved is that too much time has elapsed for him to investigate criminal allegations against Michael Schiavo. (See: Judge in Terri Schiavo Euthanasia Case Won't Step Aside)

This an example of how facts are manipulated in this case to further a preset agenda. The same fact—several years time elapse—is used two different ways: to help Michael and to harm Terri. 

Several Years Time Elapse: Ignored to Help Michael 

Judge Greer did not refuse to admit Michael's testimony because too much time had elapsed between Terri Schiavo's collapse and Michael Schiavo's sudden "remembrance" that she would "not want to live like that" almost a decade later". Judge Greer did not strike down Michael's pursuit of Terri's death even though Michael had never brought up Terri's alleged wish during the malpractice suit and only mentioned it shortly after hiring George Felos. Judge Greer did not question why Michael Schiavo, who promised to care for his wife for the rest of her life at the medical malpractice trial, suddenly changed direction—after receiving the malpractice award—and began to assert that Terri would wish to die. Nobody said "too much time had elapsed" when Michael set out to dispose of the person whose rehabilitation he unlawfully denied. (see section 4)

Several Years Time Elapse: Cited to Hurt Terri

The Schindlers were denied access to Terri's records for a long time because it suited Michael Schiavo's purposes to keep them in the dark regarding Terri's condition. It was not until November of 2002 that the Schindlers became aware of the bone scan:

"From the beginning," she [Pamela Hennessey] told me, "they had serious doubts as to the reason for Terri's collapse. Then, when they first heard about the bone-scan report in November of last year, they tried to file a report with the police on a possible battery on Terri. But the police wouldn't help them." (Quote source: Was Terri Beaten in 1990?)

We now know that the probable reason for this is because Terri's bone scan, which indicates she had a head injury and neck compression, implicates him. Even US Forensic Pathologist Michael Baden concluded that a criminal investigation should be conducted. (See Doctor Says Terri Schiavo Likely Victim of 'Some Kind of Trauma')

Bernie McCabe is cognizant of this fact and is also aware of the times Michael used his guardianship status to unlawfully prevent Terri from receiving lifesaving treatment. Bernie McCabe also knows that Michael was aware that these actions, in violation of the Florida statutes, would cause Terri to die:

Her husband has directed that Terri only be sustained in a nursing home which is contrary to the intent of the award money.  Michael Schiavo has on two occasions unsuccessfully attempted to end Terri's life by instructing her caretakers not to medicate Terri for potentially fatal infections. The first occasion occurred less than nine months after her husband received the malpractice award money. (Quote source: Homeschool World News: Terri Schiavo Still in Danger)

Bernie McCabe's "too much time has elapsed" excuse sounds like a flimsy justification to protect Michael Schiavo, no matter how blatantly he breaks the law. Michael has violated several Florida statues in his intent to cause Terri's death. For example, he violated Florida Statute 825.103 which prohibits the "Exploitation of an elderly person or disabled adult." Michael violated this statute by using Terri's rehabilitation money to fund her death. This is such a perversion and is one of many satanic markings on this case. Money that was given for the purpose of furthering Terri's life is actually being used to further her death.

This is a felony:

Section (2)(a) of the same statute states that If the funds, assets, or property involved in the exploitation of the elderly person or disabled adult is valued at $100,000 or more, the offender commits a felony of the first degree, punishable as provided in s. 775.082, s. 775.083, or s. 775.084. 

See Very Good Reasons To Remove Michael Schiavo and Open a Criminal Investigation. Please take the time to read this. It is easy to understand and will help you to fully understand the degree of collusion between Michael Schiavo and the Florida court system. The flagrant disregard for the law on the part of Michael Schiavo is chilling, not so much because Michael does it, but because the Florida courts allow it, and the state attorney will not prosecute him for these crimes.

Too much time has elapsed to investigate a probable  attempted strangulation (as well as numerous other crimes) but not too much time has elapsed to dispose of the evidence?

The rulings in this case thus far appear to have been based on this question: Who benefits? In order for the public Nazi euthanasia death precedent to be set, it is  Michael who must benefit. And so he does—no matter what crimes he commits. This is not the American way. But it is the Nazi way.

Florida law, except for abortion, is not on the side of death. Florida laws are on the side of life. Certain individuals in high places are trying to change this and that is why Michael has been protected even while he commits felonies in the pursuit of Terri's death.

If Michael has committed no criminal acts and has done nothing that needs covering up, he has no reason to break Florida law in order to kill his wife and have her immediately cremated. What Michael almost accomplished is defined as murder under Florida law! He must feel quite certain that he would be immune from prosecution to even try such a thing! It is time to take away his confidence.

We must stand up as American citizens and demand that the collusion between Michael Schiavo and the Florida courts be severed, that Michael be held accountable for his violations of Florida statutes, and that Terri be placed into the loving care of her family. We must be willing to do what is right even if it costs us a job or some personal discomfort. This is too evil to stand for. We must each do what God is leading us to do. There are some Florida attorneys and policemen who can do something. There are ordinary people like me who can write letters and articles. There are people who can file lawsuits. Do not depend on the politicians to prevent Michael from killing Terri. 

The people who covet Terri's death are not afraid of politicians. They are afraid of exposure. The politicians will not do this, nor the mainstream media, nor even the alternative media at this point. But you and I can, and we must. Immediately obey what God is impressing you to do to stop this satanic agenda dead in its tracks. The law is on our side.


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