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How in the world can Chang receive both marks and be represented as being "saved"? I know the books says he was "forced" to receive the mark of the beast, but the Bible says you can't serve 2 masters or have both marks. You really should have had Chang stand for God and become a Trib Saint. I mean, this IS fiction, isn't it? Not everything in these books are in line with the Bible. Is that the case? Should these books be seen as "fiction" and be left at that?
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Posted:  10/29/2002 1:07:06 PM
If her name means saving grace, I don't hear a lot of grace. I hear a lot of knit picking and legalism. Romans 2 says that God's kindness and gracious patience brings us to repentance-- not dogmatism.
Karen is not all bad. But she misses opportunities for God to work by coming on too strong. Mr Jerry Jenkins is not a heretic nor is he insensitive to martyrs. I believe he rightly divides truth from the Bible.
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Hi Christian,

Everytime I try to make a long reply to you, I lose my connection - I think it's the weather here. We got 12 inches of snow today.

Someone posted on the last page that I've been full of legalism??? lol I've not said the first legalistic thing. That's called a strawman.



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Hi why....


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Jerry B. Jenkins


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" scenario stands up to the word of God. He is clear. If you bear the mark, you are lost."

Except that's not what the Bible says, Karen. It says, "If any man WORSHIP the beast and his image, AND RECEIVE his mark in his forehead, or in his hand..."

That's a whole lot different than "if you bear the mark, you are lost." You know that, but it doesn't fit your argument, so you misquote it.


Jerry B. Jenkins
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I think it does make sense. He was unconscious (temporarily forgot how to spell that, I think). You never know what will happen in those days. People will probably be devious enough to do that to people. I even wonder about the children that are born after the rapture and their parents have the mark applied to them. They are too young to make that decision. How will God look at that?


Romans 5:20, "But where sin increased, grace increased all the more." Hallelujah!!!

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If y'all remember in the Remanant after Chang was drugged he tried to tell them he was a believer he was drugged so he couldn't speak so he crossed himself and tried to point to heaven I think he pretty much told them I kind of see this part as if Satan is trying to tell God that he can steal one of God's children and of course God says "And I give unto them eternal life; and they shall never perish, neither shall any man pluck them out of my hand. My Father, which gave them me,is greater than all; and no man is able to pluck them out of my Father's hand" John 10:28-29. But personally Mr. Jenkins I don't care much for Chang's character either Sorry!


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My opinion on Chang's Double markings is as follows:

1) Once saved always saved.
2) God can and will give strength to his followers to resist the application of the mark of the beast (even to the point of death.)
3) The only way the "Chang Senario" could possibly come true is it is part of God's plan for a person's life.
4) I consider it highly unlikely to happen, but also remember that NOTHING is impossible for God.
5) These books are fiction.

Jesus is risen indeed!!!
See you in the Glorious Appearing! (April 2004 or another date if that one is changed.)
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