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Apostasy Update Page

This section was created as a means of making brief announcements. Some of these announcements may become articles. Links are are strictly for the purpose of documentation. Related page: The Church and the New World Order

Note: I am seeking to keep you informed of  doctrines, examples, and affiliations of those who profess to be Christians--that are inconsistent with the faith of Jesus Christ, which means NO COMPROMISE.

Christians plus compromise equals certain death in the upcoming Tribulation/martial law. Do not allow yourself to be influenced by give-place-to-the-devil examples by professed Christians 

Alex Jones' Compromise

Here is a link to old Coast to Coast website. Note the all-seeing eye, pyramid, and other NWO/occult symbolism. Alex Jones, who professes to be firmly opposed to the New World Order, has validated this New World Order radio broadcasting front by appearing as a guest many times and even co-hosting at one least once. 

Investigate this New Age banner ad that used to be on's present web sponsors include alien projects revisited. (Most undercover as well as obvious proponents of the New World Order include teachings on aliens. People who represent themselves as Christians who are promoting the alien agenda include: Stewart Best, Zeph Daniel, and Sherry Shriner. Conditioning the populace (including Christians) to believe in aliens is a stepping stone to the occult. (More on this later.)

Also see: Alex Jones Promotes Scientology-Affiliated Leaders!


Zeph Daniel: Beware His Net and Zeph Daniel's New Age Doctrines: Fake Paths-- Hinduism and Universalism 

Sherry Shriner warning

Beware the NWO Unequal Yoke

Promise Keepers Attribute Friday the 13th Hurricane to God

Hurricane Charley: Man-made?


 Promise Keepers Website Attributes Friday the 13th Catastrophe to God

The Promise Keepers website made an occultly marked statement regarding Hurricane Charley that arrived on Friday the 13th, a satanic high day. They did not simply say the hurricane arrived on Friday the 13th. Instead, they said that God decided on a hurricane for Florida on that particular day:

We had the best of intentions, but God decided on a hurricane for Florida for Friday the 13th! 

(Quote source: Charley Pictures) The Promise Keepers webmaster removed this article from the internet (for obvious reasons) but you can still access it at

It is Satan who plots death-causing events on his high days, not God. Interestingly, this particular Friday the 13th happened to fall on a Scientology high day as well. Florida is Scientology's southeastern stronghold. 

It is not surprising that the Promise Keeper statement was constructed in a way that connects God's doings with a satanically-marked day. Promise Keepers has promoted the book, The Masculine Journey, which presents a phallic "Jesus":

In the book, Hicks also accuses Jesus Christ of being a sinner, and of having sexual thoughts and fantasies about Mary Magdalene.

(Quote source: Promise Keepers: Other people's thoughts)

Associating the Lord Jesus Christ with phallicism is a blatant satanic marking. Also see: Promise Keepers and Phallicism


Hurricane Charley: Man-made?

There are only two Friday the 13th dates in the year 2004! The chances of Hurricane Charley occurring naturally on this rare occult date seem rather slim. Hurricanes can be produced by governments that have enough money to pay for them. Read the linked article below and you will learn that the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times reported the following information:

By pouring measured energy that has been focused into certain parts of the ionosphere, scientists can create all kinds of storms like hurricanes, thunderstorms, floods, tornadoes, and drought. In NEWS1198, "U.N. Treaty Proves Weather Control Is Real", we report news articles that Malaysia actually contracted with a Russian Weather Modification company to create a hurricane that would be directed close enough to clear the smoke and smog from Malaysia's cities without actually coming on to land to create devastation. This Russian company delivered, and Malaysia had clear skies.

(Quote source: A Terrifying Look at the Control of Weather Warfare: A Look at HAARP)

Also see: Weather as a Force Multiplier: Owning the Weather in 2025 (The title of this article is misleading. Weather modification technology is presently available and is being used in the United States.)

Beware The NWO Unequal Yoke

Beware of yoking together with doctrinally compromising or spiritually leavened "believers" based on a common concern about the unfolding New World Order. This is Satan's latest device and it has been most successful in furthering his purposes.

Satan will use any device he can to hinder the Christian from continuing rooted and steadfast in the faith:

Ye did run well; who did hinder you that ye should not obey the truth? Galatians 5:7

The Holy Spirit will never lead a Christian to  compromise:

This persuasion cometh not of him that calleth you. Galatians 5:8

Satan's "Christian" ministers usually present much doctrinal truth and sound perspective on political happenings in order to establish credibility. They will usually take a stand on one or more issues that God's people deeply care about. They will sometimes even "expose" wolves in sheep's clothing in a cursory sort of manner (they have an agreement with their cohorts in the NWO network not to go too far) --again, this is done to establish credibility with the sector of the Christian establishment they are targeting. 

Satan's ministers do appear to be "ministers of righteousness" (2 Cor. 11:15), but due to Satan's tremendous pride, they are obliged to mark their ministries for their master. They do this by way of their teachings, their affiliations, use of symbols, music and other subtle and sometimes not-so-subtle ways. 

Their ultimate goal is to lead Christians into spiritual compromise, and finally apostasy. Remember, a little leaven leaveneth the entire lump. Do not defend the leaven because the rest of the lump is appealing to you. If you do, you will become leavened yourself. The spiritual leaven will eventually work its way through to your spiritual destruction. If you desire to to be spiritually unleavened  (having no malice or wickedness) you must purge the leaven, which means to separate yourself from those who walk in spiritual compromise:

Your glorying is not good. Know ye not that a little leaven leaveneth the whole lump?

Purge out therefore the old leaven, that ye may be a new lump, as ye are unleavened. 1 Cor. 5:6, 7

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