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 Archived "For the Life of Terri Schiavo Articles

Michael Schiavo Fails to Show for Deposition, Terri Possibly Hospitalized 8/05/04 Michael Schiavo is once again in contempt of court. But then this is simply one more staged event in a staged case. 

Press release: Many citizens Decry Weaknesses in Florida’s “Terri’s Law" 8/04/04

link: Judge: Terri Schiavo's Husband Can be Deposed in Guardianship Battle 7/18/04

Pat Anderson and Her Role in the Lisa McPherson Case  note added on 7/25/04 

October 11-22, 2002 Trial transcript : The trial to determine if Terri Schiavo is in a "persistent vegetative state." (See posts 6-26)  

Terri's Law: A Scientology Sham 7/26/04

Mr. and Mrs. Schindler ask Appeals Court to Reconsider Case 7/09/04

Michael Schiavo's Two Different Accounts About How He Found Terri 6/17/04

link to: Any idea who this woman might be? 6/28/04

Writ of Quo Warranto Hearing: How Did the Judge Rule? By Florida Law or Scientology Policy? 6/16/04  UPDATE: Judge Greer dismissed the Writ of Quo Warranto

Scientology Treats Terri Schindler Schaivo as if She is Already Dead 6/08/04

link: Florida Supreme Court To Hear 'Terry's Law' Appeal 6/16/04

On Monday, June 14, 2004, the 2nd District Court of Appeals has scheduled time to hear oral arguments on the constitutionality of Terri's Law.  See: Hearing Notice 6/13/04

link: Scientologists Settle Wrongful Death Suit Terms of the unexpected settlement are confidential  6/09/04

Judge allows parents to visit Terri 6/08/04

June 4, 2004 Press Release Read the May 26th hearing transcript here Read George Felos' press release and Deborah Bushnell's LETTER.

Florida Law Vs Scientology Policy 5/28/04 

Scientology, The Clearwater Bar Association, and Judge Greer 5/22/04

Terri Schiavo Legal Battle Heads to Florida Supreme Court 6/02/04

Mr. and Mrs. Schindler were finally allowed a supervised visit with Terri for one hour on Sunday, May 23, 2004. 

Terri Schiavo's parents open up about their legal battle and daily life watch the video 5/19/04 report

Petition to impeach Judge Greer --Read the Florida statutes and Judicial Code of Ethics Judge Greer has violated in order to go along with the Scientology agenda. We have signed the petition. 5/22/04

transcript of Bob and Mary Schindler's May 18th  interview with Greta Von Sustern 5/21/05

George Felos filed a Press release implicating the Schindlers of a crime on March 29, 2004 without any factual basis or confirmation of investigation!   Mr. Felos publicly suggests the Schindlers are guilty of a heinous felony act against their own daughter! Deborah Bushnell states in her letter that investigations have already been initiated by the police and the Department of Children and Families—presumably at her request—based on the same fabricated evidence. Please join us in signing the Petition to the Florida Bar  

STATEMENT OF SCHINDLER FAMILY must read!  5/17/04 Robert Schindler asks that we show our support by contacting the Florida Supreme Court: 

Clearwater Police Investigation Finds No Evidence of a Crime ; Terri's Parents Exonerated  5/17/04 

5/15/04 In Keeping With Scientology Doctrine, Michael Schiavo Removed Terri From Society 

5/12/05  Petition Filed (Again) Schindlers Seek Visitation Judge Greer refuses to expedite this request. Judge Greer's rulings consistently disregard the protections Terri Schiavo is entitled to under Florida law. He is behaving more like an agent than a judge. See: Scientology's Foolproof method of Judge Tampering)

Scientology is "Fair Gaming" the Schindlers by Treating Them Like Criminals 5/09/04

Keeping Terri Disabled: Michael's Illegal Pretext to Kill 5/09/04

Death Imagery in Subliminal Embeds 5/08/04

An "S" for Scientology? 5/7/04

5/08/04 Scientology ethics include the exploitation of the disabled: See: Scientology Swindles Raul Lopez Michael Schiavo stole (with the blessings of the Pinellas County Court) hundreds of thousands of dollars of Terri's rehabilitation money to pay for death attorneys. This is the exploitation of a disabled person, and according to Florida statues, is illegal.

5/08/04 Michael Schiavo's illegal pursuit of Terri's death instead of her rehabilitation definitely lines up with L. Ron Hubbard's diabolical views regarding disabled people. (article in progress...) 

Terri's Law Has Been Overturned See: Florida court voids law in right-to-die case 5/06/04

Florida Officials are "holding hands" with the "church" of Scientology! link to: Florida Officials, Government Officials, and Scientology 5/05/04 Banner: Altered...and Altered Again 5/01/04

Scientology and Terri Schindler Schiavo: The Death Connection   new! Scientology and the Number 8  updates 4/22/04: Scientology: Against the Disabled and Terri is being abused  Coming soon: George Felos: Is Michael Schiavo's Attorney a Scientologist?   

new! Five is the number of death. Fives keep cropping up in this case. Someone has removed five teeth from Terri Schindler Schiavo's mouth! The unidentified writer of the brief article linked above wrote: "Ms. Bushnell offered no reasonable explanation of why this was done." Why did the writer fail to provide the explanation for Terri's tooth extractions? Instead, we are given the writer's opinion about the undisclosed  explanation. 

new! Scientologists alter  pictures for the purpose of furthering the goals of their organization. (See: Scientologists admit to altering New Year photos Also see: Altering Pictures: Not a New Practice For L. Ron Hubbard Followers and Altered Pictures on ) A Hidden Agenda Must see: Five in Her Eye: Death in Disguise pictures added Special Bond Between Mother and Daughter Mocked and Altered Picture Mocks Terri's Injuries?

Glenn Beck Broadcast: Humiliates Terri,  Helps Michael's Agenda 02/05/04 updated 

Exclusive Personal Interview - Schindlers Respond to Schiavo's Larry King Love-Fest 02/09/04

Conspiracy: Felos Petitioned For G-Tube Removal Before it was Legal! 02/05/04

Terri Schindler Schiavo and the Cardiac Arrest/Heart Attack Lies 02/01/04

Terri Schiavo: Cognitively Able 01/27/04

The facts contained in this document provide insight into Michael Schiavo's real motivation to end Terri's life. 

Terri swallows: Pictures Don't Lie updated 01/24/04  Will Governor Jeb Bush continue to consent to Judge Greer's lawless withhold-therapy-in- favor-of-euthanasia agenda or honor his oath as governor and uphold Florida laws?

Critique Revealing Disinformation that benefits the "Other Side" in Article: Assisted suicide, euthanasia become issues in Schiavo case updated 01/28/03 

Highway2Health online broadcast: Tuesday, Jan. 13th at 9 pm Eastern/ 6 pm Pacific-- Ron Panzer hosts with special guest Carla Iyer. [If you miss the interview, you may hear it via the archives--if you are willing to pay to listen to it.] (Note: Liberty To The Captives recommend this particular interview with Ron Panzer-- not Highway2health as a whole.)

Interview With Dr. Hammesfahr: Startling Revelations 01/09/04

Alert! Dangerous Misinformation on  update 12/27/03

Listen now with Windows Media Player to the 12/30/03 Highway2Health archived broadcast, "The Conspiracy to Kill Terri Schiavo" with Ron Panzer. This broadcast boldly exposes the widespread conspiracy to kill Terri Schiavo and protect Michael from a criminal investigation regarding Terri's numerous and injuries.

Complete Report of Dr. William Hammesfahr also see: It is Unlikely That Terri  Needs a Feeding Tube! 12/23/03

The Terri Schiavo "Right to Die" Farce: A Cover Story To Trick the Masses into Accepting an Illegal Execution 12/21/03

Very Good Reasons to Investigate Michael Schiavo

Too Much Time Elapsed to Investigate Michael Schiavo But Not Too Much to Dispose of Terri? 12/20/03

Terri's Law Hearing Delayed Until Tuesday: Time For Alternative Media to Buck The Plan 12/19/03

Oscar Schindler and a Ham Sandwich: Why They Really Want to Kill Terri Schiavo Thomas R. Bond  II has accumulated factual evidence of the original “Nazi Agenda” from Germany and direct links to the Terri Schindler case. (See: American “Nazi Agenda” being pushed by politicians)

Arrested For Giving Terri Schiavo Water By Mouth? 12/16/03

Sign Online Petition: Bernie McCabe Must Stop Shielding Michael Schiavo and Begin a Criminal Investigation 12/15/03

Bob Schindler Talks With About Terri Schiavo 12/19/03

Judge Greer and Michael Schiavo: Collusive Law Breaking in Attempts to End Terri's Life  Judge Greer  has no right to break existing laws at will! Yes, it is that simple. The fight over Terri's Law is being used to to divert your attention away from this fact.

Suspicious Circumstances: The Strange Case of Terri Schiavo 

Jeb Bush says Terri must have jury trial 11/20/03

It's Not Only About Terri Schiavo: Barriers to Killing Come Down 11/21/03



The Plan Revealed in Terri Schiavo Case: Disability is Not an Option in the New World Order

The following is an excerpt from an August 2, 2003 edition of World Net Daily:

On June 6, Judges Chris Altenbernd, Carolyn Fulmer and Thomas Stringer Sr. handed down a decision concurring again with Greer's original order of Feb. 11, 2000, that Terri must die.

Altenbernd, who authored the ruling, accepted all Greer's long-standing opinions: that there was no treatment that would restore Terri's cerebral cortex, that her actions were essentially reflexes, that no therapy would improve her condition, and that Terri would not want to be kept alive.

"In the end, this case is not about the aspirations that loving parents have for their children," Altenbernd opined. "It is about Theresa Schiavo's right to make her own decision, independent of her husband and independent of her parents. In circumstances such as these, when families cannot agree, the law has opened the doors of the circuit courts to permit trial judges to serve as surrogates or proxies to make decisions about life-prolonging measures." And from an earlier ruling by the 2nd District Appeals Court Altenbernd quoted approvingly:

[2nd District Appeals Court Judge Altenbernd let The Plan right out of the bag with his either or statement regarding the fate of Terri Schiavo and other disabled people:]

…the difficult question that faced the trial court [Judge Greer in 2000] was whether Theresa Marie Schindler Schiavo, not after a few weeks in a coma, but after 10 years in a persistent vegetative state that has robbed her of most of her cerebrum and all but the most instinctive of neurological functions, with no hope of a medical cure but with sufficient money and strength of body to live indefinitely, would choose to continue the constant nursing care and the supporting tubes in hopes that a miracle would somehow recreate her missing brain tissue, or whether she would wish to permit a natural death process to take its course and for her family and loved ones to be free to continue their lives.--end World Net Daily quote [bold emphasis mine]

The judges gave Terri two options to qualify for personhood in the New World Order:

Either Terri be given a miracle or she be permitted "a natural death." (Starvation/dehydration is now being defined as natural death!)

Living in a state of disability is not an option in the New World Order. The philosophy that the disabled do not qualify for personhood is pure Nazism, and confirms the reason why high (demonic) energy numbers (11th and 22nd) were chosen as optimum dates to order Terri's death.
These numbers are only used in exceptional situations, and setting a "miraculous recovery or death" precedent is an exceptional situation!

Individuals who were mentally retarded, physically handicapped, or mentally ill, were targeted for death during WWII in a euthanasia program called "T-4." (See: The Murder of the Handicapped)

It is no wonder that Judge Greer brazenly, and without fear of consequences, broke Florida law by ordering that Terri not be fed or given water by mouth after the feeding tube was removed! He is following The Plan. Disability is not in the moral economy of the form of government that is steadily rising to power in the United States of America.

Occult/Scientology Dates in the Terri Schiavo Case


The Occult/Scientology Dates in the Terri Schiavo Case may be read here.


In Keeping With the Larger Agenda, Lawmakers Ignore Michael Schiavo's Lawlessness

The following information was copied from At this writing, January 20, 2004, the information below has been removed from WHY?

These statute violations have been on record in state court guardianship actions in front of  Judge Greer  for months and months if not years.

MICHAEL SCHIAVO HAS VIOLATED over a dozen Florida Statutes while acting as Terri's legal guardian. The following encompass some of the infractions; (in no particular order)

Ordered the dehydration and starvation of Terri Schindler Schiavo

Ignored Governor Bush's Executive Order to immediately stay withholding of nutrition and hydration from Terri and "immediately provide nutrition and hydration to Theresa Schiavo"...

Ordered that a DNR (do not resuscitate) order be placed in her record


Fathering a child out-of-wedlock

Breach of Fiduciary Duty 

Had not taken mandatory guardianship classes until of late

Has not filed guardianship plan with court for past 3 years - last one filed listed "nothing" under plan of action for Terri's care

Moved Terri to Hospice without court approval or knowledge and without 2 physicians diagnosing Terri as "terminal" 

Medical and nursing care abuse and neglect

Denied and obstructed provisions for meeting physical, emotional, psycho/social spiritual and rehabilitative needs

Has not had Rehabilitative Therapy since l991

Denied or severely restricted Terri's parents, brother and sister from visiting and having normal interaction and relationships with Terri as well as other family and friends

On two occasions ordered caretakers not to treat Terri for potentially fatal infections

Consistently withheld medical information and data from Terri's family which violated a specific court order of l996 

Has used her medical fund money from malpractice suit (1 million dollars) to pay his lawyer

Neglected to inquire about or act to seek care when a bone scan revealed lumbar spine compression fracture , other fractures and
apparent traumatic injuries

Stopped Monsignor Thaddeus Malanowski from giving Terri Holy Communion//Viaticum when she was being dehydrated and starved

Guardian Ad Litem report of Richard Pearse in l998 was ignored or rejected

Medicare payment for Terri for a period of time at hospice
Bill at Hospice remains unpaid


The Reason Jay Wolfson Was Appointed as Terri's Guardian Despite Objections

This case is not really about, "what is best for Terri," or as Michael Schiavo calls it, "Terri's wish." It is all about furthering the agenda of the New World Order elite. Their agenda is to make the United States a less "death adverse culture." 

Appointing a person to be Terri's guardian ad litem who has already publicly criticized Terri's Law is sending a message to the Schindlers and the American people that this is not really about the constitution or whether the laws in this case actually conform to the constitution; this is about an agenda that people in power are determined to fulfill no matter how many laws they have to break or "manipulate" to do it. 

A list of some of the Florida statutes that Michael Schiavo has broken, with the full knowledge of Judge Greer, are listed below.

That is the reason I think the Schindler family should come out with their story and share with the American people what has gone on all these years--before the courts have time to illegally wipe Terri off the face of the earth.

The courts are going to get their agenda across unless they are exposed to the point where they know the people of the United States will lose total faith in the system if they don't back off in Terri's case. They don't want this to happen--not yet. 

This is a spiritual matter first and foremost. It is not really about law or the interpretation thereof. It is about going to the next step in The Plan, and they will accomplish it unless we expose how the lawmakers are breaking the  law in order to enact new precedents which will be the springboard for new laws which will make this a far less "death adverse culture," and a far less safe country for New-World-Order-incorrect people to live.


The Culture of Death: Who Drives it?

Albert Mohler wrote the most uncompromising article I have yet to read on the Terri Schiavo case called: A Victory for Life in Florida: Will it Stand?

Mr. Mohler made an astute point that I have not noticed anyone else bring up: 

Beyond this case is the larger issue of end-of-life ethics.  One of the most dangerous aspects of this case is the assumption, seemingly held by many on both sides of this debate, that the diagnosis of a persistent vegetative state should be sufficient to withdraw life support.  This is a very dangerous assumption and those who contend for the sanctity of human life must be very careful not to base the entire argument on the question of whether or not Terri Schiavo is correctly diagnosed as suffering in a PVS.  Once that argument is taken for granted, the diagnosis of a persistent vegetative state will quickly become an automatic death sentence. 

Repeatedly we hear the argument that Terri is not in a vegetative state. I have stated this myself. But what are we doing without realizing it? We could be unknowingly sending the message that people who are in "vegetative states" are not worthy to live! Let us be careful not to fall into that trap, simply because we are clarifying Terri Schiavo's truthful condition.

A must read: sworn affidavit [dead link] of Carla Sauer Iyer, RN. [updated link]

It is a fact that Michael Schiavo and Judge Greer have broken the law in their quest to end Terri Schiavo's life. Please read the petition to Attorney General Aschcroft, print it, sign it and mail it in today. 10/24/03

01/20/04 I have corrected the dead links to [The webmaster has changed several urls without redirecting the visitor to the new url. This causes the visitor to click on a dead link when they are trying to gain access to specific information at No serious webmaster--who truly wants the visitors to find needed information-- purposely creates dead links to her website. This deters visitors from finding desired information. There are seven dead links to on this page alone. I have updated them or found the information at another site if possible. It is disturbing that so many of the dead or changed links are to articles that expose Michael Schiavo.]

Startling Documentation From 

Click on Michael Schiavo's testimony from 1992 and 1993 [dead link] to read court documents from Malpractice trial and guardianship hearings. They claimed Terri was responsive back when they were suing for millions of dollars! Now that they want to carry out Terri's alleged death wish, she is suddenly "vegetative." [updated link]

If you will read the brief guardianship hearings documents, you will read the promises that Michael did not keep after being awarded the monies for Terri's rehabilitation. Did you know that Michael did not "remember" that Terri said she did not want to not want to be kept alive artificially until after he won all that money? 

State to probe family's claim of spousal abuse [dead link] You may read this important article here.]

Michael Schiavo Goes To Great Lengths Hiding Terri From Public An illusion was created by Terri’s husband and attorney with the media that she was being kept alive by artificial life support! [dead link] You may read this article at APFN ]

Public Statement of the Schindler Family in Response to the Statement of Michael Schiavo 10/23/03 

Why was this important information removed from

APFN: Standing up to the NWO Planners: Excellent Information and Grassroots Efforts To Uncover Facts in Terri's Fight

The owner of American Patriot Freedom Network has written several excellent, documented articles that expose the conspiracy to murder Terri Schiavo. Several posters have invested many hours uncovering documentation, contacting media representatives, and posting insightful commentary. 


The Quest For Terri's Death: It is Not Over Yet 

Even after steps were taken to legally intervene when Terri was on the brink of death, the delay in appointing a guardian ad litem could afford Michael Schiavo the time to finish what he started. 

This is an outrage and further indicates that this death agenda, ostensibly Terri's will and aided by a decidedly partial court, is still operative. Terri needs to be  in the intensive care unit of a hospital, not in a death holding tank with the same people "caring" for her who nearly killed her. 

Call Governor Bush and demand to know why Terri's Bill, while on the surface appeared to be a lifesaver for Terri,  resulted in zero protection for this vulnerable woman. Also demand to know why Michael is being given special privileges that others with abuse evidence against them do not have--such as being aided in his quest to kill the person whose very existence threatens to reveal probable evidence against him. 

Patients Alliance Newsletter: Regarding Terri Schiavo's Immediate Danger Under Her Husband's Abusive "Care" 10/23/03

Shocker - ACLU Joins Husband's Efforts To Kill Terri 10/24/03

Terri sympathized with Karen Quinlan


Incriminating Evidence Against Michael Schiavo and Certain Florida Courts: Collusion?

Why does Michael want Terri killed and immediately cremated? Why doesn't he just divorce her, take all the money (Terri's parents have offered to give him ALL of it) and just go on with his life and leave Terri in her parents' loving hands? I believe that he does not want Terri to recover and reveal why the x-rays taken one year after her collapse reveal  multiple fractures and possible strangulation.

The Florida courts have sided with Michael Schiavo from the beginning, and will not admit any evidence which indicates that it is Michael Schiavo, not Terri who is the problem here. Why do the courts refuse to admit this or any evidence that points to Michael in court? Why have they refused to conduct a criminal investigation and instead, turned this into a "right to die" issue?

Why do the courts refuse to allow the Carla Sauer Iyer's [dead link] sworn affidavit about how Terri's blood sugar level plummeted to a dangerously low level on no less than five separate occasions after Michael (also a nurse) was in the room with her alone? Why are they consistently protecting Michael Schiavo from the incriminating evidence against him? [updated link]

Why have they been willing (up until two days ago after enormous pressure was placed upon them) to help Michael by destroying the living evidence of his possible crimes? And why, after Terri almost died at his hands, are they continuing to allow Michael to hold Terri's fate in his own suspicious-looking hands?

I hope someone will get these witnesses on the air and ask them some pointed questions about Michael Schiavo's actions against Terri for all the world to hear, including all the times the courts ruled this incriminating evidence to be not admissible. I want to talk to them myself and I will expose this fully.  

Please fax documented information to Liberty To The Captives (508) 643-0441 

Lawyer: Terri still in danger  10/22/03 

Vengeful Husband Prevents  Terri Schiavo's Family From Visiting Her 1/22/03


 Brain-Damaged Fla. Woman Receiving Fluids--My comments on some incredibly manipulative rhetoric

"It is simply inhumane and barbaric to interrupt her death process," Felos said. "Just because Terri Schiavo is not conscious doesn't mean she doesn't have dignity."

George Felos said that interrupting Terri's "death process" (torturous dehydration/starvation!) is inhumane and barbaric. This statement reflects a perverse, satanic value system. What person would ever want to be tortured to death? Absolutely nobody! And yet he says "the death process" (torture) is consistent with Terri's wishes and her dignity!

Senate President Jim King is worried that not dehydrating/starving Terri to death might offend God. Satan is the god who is angry that life prevailed over death! 

"I hope, I really do hope we've done the right thing," said Senate President Jim King, a Republican. "I keep on thinking 'What if Terri didn't really want this done at all?' May God have mercy on all of us."

The following brief statement is nothing more than  manipulative rhetoric directed toward an uninformed public who is not aware that the only "family" that insisted upon Terri's death was her disloyal husband--Michael Schiavo. He refused to permit Terri to receive any rehabilitation for ten years, refused to permit her to be treated with antibiotics when she was seriously ill, and will not even allow her teeth to be cleaned! 

Michael Schiavo's violation of his marriage vows (he lives with a woman and has fathered two children with her) clearly indicate that he should not have the right to deny Terri her right to live so that he will have the right to live off the money Terri's death will instantly earn him and his "other wife":

"How dare this Legislature and this governor substitute its judgment for the family's?" said Sen. Steven Geller, a Democrat.

In other words, how dare they thwart The Plan? Those involved with Felos' admitted "right to die" social revolution found a "family" member whose death wishes for his wife mirrored their own agenda. Her death was supposed to have been a done deal.

Michael Schiavo was willing to go all the way to help them set the public death precedent they need in order to go to the next step in the death department of the globalist agenda. (Many disabled people of varying levels of cognition have been dehydrated/starved to death in the United States of America!) Michael was so motivated to exterminate Terri (to allegedly fulfill her wishes of course) that he even placed her in the care of his lawyer's hospice (Hospice of the Florida Suncoast) for a time! 

This following statement is not rhetoric, but I wanted to respond to Mr. Schindler's heartfelt words:

"It's restored my belief in God," said Schiavo's father, Bob Schindler.

Dear Mr. Schindler, 

Your statement brings tears to my eyes. God did not want this to happen--not now, and not all the years you and your family have endured this pain. Satan and his agents have been plotting for this to happen, and continue to fight for the goals of who the Bible calls, "the god of this world."

As God gives my husband and me, and others who are like-minded the strength, we will fight for Terri and others like her. Our weapons are prayer and the pen and any other means of communication the Lord provides.

May God heal Terri's body and and cause you and your dear wife to come to know Him personally. Not through an institution which cannot reach inside your aching heart, and cannot mediate between you and the Father, but personally, through faith in the only name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved--The Lord Jesus Christ.

Jesus Christ is not willing for you or Terri to perish, but longs for you to come to repentance and faith in Him, and Him alone for your soul's salvation.

The Lord is not slack concerning his promise, as some men count slackness; but is longsuffering to us-ward, not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance. 2 Peter 3:9


Headline Bias: It is Obvious Where the Mainstream Media is Coming From

ABC News used the buzz phrase, "allowed to die":

Terri Schiavo's feeding tube may soon be reinserted after Florida's legislature and Gov. Jeb Bush joined the bitter battle over whether the brain-damaged woman will be allowed to die. (See: Terri's Fate)

CNN news also uses the politically correct "allowed to die" phrase:

Governor orders Florida woman kept alive

Florida Gov. Jeb Bush has ordered that a comatose woman's feeding tube be reinserted after lawmakers voted to give him the power to do so. The legislative action effectively overruled a court ruling that she be allowed to die. A judge refused to hear her husband's request for a temporary restraining order that would have kept the governor from taking action. headlines use the eugenically-correct phrase, "right to die":

Fla. Gov. Orders Feeding Tube In

Invokes New Law To Keep Brain-Damaged Woman Alive In Right-To-Die Dispute 

Of course AOL News (have you noticed their logo?) used the "right-to-die" phrase:

Fla. Gov. Orders Feeding Tube Reinserted

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (AP) - Invoking a law rushed through the Legislature earlier in the day, Gov. Jeb Bush on Tuesday ordered a feeding tube reinserted into a brain-damaged woman at the center of one of the nation's longest and most bitter right-to-die battles.

Netscape News is still clinging to the "coma" lie and used the pro-death eupehmism, "allowed to die:"

Gov. Bush Orders Woman in Coma Kept Alive

Florida lawmakers gave Gov. Jeb Bush the power to order the reinsertion of a feeding tube to keep a brain-damaged woman alive, overturning a court ruling that she be allowed to die.

Netscape News with CNN placed a photo of Terri with her eyes wide open next to the headline stating that she is in a coma. Are they trying to promote a new understanding of the word, coma? Such as a conscious, wide-awake, eyes open, smiling, laughing, crying, eating pudding until husband orders a feeding tube inserted, saying words occasionally, trying to get out of bed when she learns they want to kill her, "coma"?


Judge Greer and His Hospice Friends: A Rigged Court!

When I learned that George Felos was on the board of directors at the Hospice of the Florida Suncoast, a place for the dying, and where Terri Schiavo clearly did not belong, I began to wonder how the players in this death conspiracy were connected:

Judge George Greer: Ruler of the Kangaroo Court set on killing Terri Schiavo. Impartial? Not in the least! Worked side by side as county commissioner with Barbara Sheen Todd (county commissioner) for eight YEARS. Barbara Sheen Todd is on the board of the hospice. Also, Judge Greer's fellow judge, Judge John Lenderman is the brother of Martha Lenderman (also on the hospice board! See the Hospice Board members! 

Greer accepted as the basis of his rulings, the questionable testimony of Michael Schiavo (and his family) that Terri would wish to be killed, yet Michael never stated that before he got about a Million Dollars to care for Terri forever. Greer also accepted as the basis of his rulings, the "opinion" of a third doctor who just happens to be the brother of a close associate of George Felos, right-to-kill attorney, and very significantly, former CHAIRMAN of the hospice board! If there ever was a rigged court, Judge Greer's is it!

(Quote source: THE HOSPICE ORG at APFN Message Board)



Which Spirit is Felos Litigating For?

Michael Schiavo's attorney, George Felos, considers litigation to be a spiritual practice. And indeed it is. Felos' pro-death litigation is directly related to the elite New Age religious goals, which is to scratch the misfits from the game.

George Felos is spearheading a social revolution to enable "death with dignity" in the state of Florida. Is denying Terri Schiavo's basic constitutional /civil rights dignifying? It is in the eyes of the New World Order Planners! They are seeking to dignify the concept of death on governmental demand. (See: The Spirit and the Law and George J. Felos) Notice that George Felos calls the conscious Terri Schiavo a "vegetative" woman!


Setting the Death-on-Demand Precedent: The Real Reason For Terri Schiavo's Death Order

Diane Coleman, founder of the disability rights group Not Dead Yet, said Saturday that allowing Schiavo to die would set a troublesome precedent that could threaten thousands of disabled people.

"If this case goes forward as it has been, [guardians] will be given carte blanche to kill people with disabilities that they would rather be without," she said. "We must have checks and balances on the powers of guardians, and those have been eroded here in Florida."

(See: Family calls on Gov. Bush to save disabled woman)


Judge Greer Lied by "Finding" Terri Schiavo Unconscious in order to give the Death Order!

Author Wesley J. Smith reviewed the Schiavo case for

"In Florida, in order to dehydrate somebody there has to be a finding that the patient is unconscious, which is what Judge Greer has done in the Schiavo case.

"But if anybody has seen a video of Schiavo available on [now], the video shows they will see that she is no way unconscious. An unconscious person is utterly unreactive – in fact that’s how it’s basically defined in Florida law."

(See: Legalized Murder:Terri Schiavo and Death by Starvation) [Lisa's note: It would be murder, but in no way would denying Terri regular food and water so as to cause her to die be legal. Titles like this condition the public to think euthanasia is already legal!]


The Feeding Tube Has Kept Terri Schiavo Alive For Six Years: What About the first seven years after her collapse?

"This," apparently, is the end of the line in the long fight to keep Ms. Schiavo alive. A Florida judge on Oct. 14 refused two final appeals from her parents, clearing the way for the removal of the feeding tube that's kept her alive for a half-dozen years. Without the tube, the 39-year-old will slowly starve to death. It should take about 14 days.

According To Ms. Sauer, former nurse of Terri Schiavo, Terri was able to eat from a spoon before her husband (terrified she might recover enough to explain the circumstances behind her mysterious collapse?) placed her in a cheaper facility where they hooked her up to a feeding tube!

The evidence of a conspiracy of death is even more deeply heinous than I realized:

"She's not a vegetable," Ms. Sauer insisted as she rested her tired feet. "She knows voices, she responds. She can follow commands, and she tries to communicate by blinking her eyelids 'yes' and 'no.'" And then there's the most important detail of all: "We used to feed her with a spoon, and she swallowed on her own."

That was seven years ago, when Ms. Sauer was a nurse at a rehab facility in Largo, Fla. At that time, Ms. Schiavo was getting physical therapy and full-time attention from skilled nurses. But the facility charged $4,000 a month, as Ms. Sauer recalls, and Mr. Schiavo soon chose to discontinue his wife's therapy and move her into the much cheaper hospice system. She's languished there for six years, tethered to a feeding tube while a fierce legal battle swirled around her. See: (A Chilling Precedent)

Here is another testimony that Terri Schiavo was eating from a spoon:

I spoke with one of Terri's former nurses who has fed Terri numerous times with a spoon (jello, soup, puddings, etc.), and Terri swallowed just fine..... Judge Greer won't let that sworn testimony into the record.

Three different nurses and aides have also fed Terri and watched her swallow. Then Terri's husband caught them and screamed at them and said that spoon feeding was considered therapy and demanded they leave Terri's room immediately.

(excerpt from an email to James Grisham posted on

Desperate parents plead to Jeb Bush

Crying out' to governor last hope for Terri Schiavo after court denies writ to order intervention

Terri is receiving morphine to relieve the pain of the "starvation process." Terri is conscious and in pain:

Terri's feeding tube was removed Wednesday by order of Pinellas County Circuit Court Judge George W. Greer. Doctors say she can live no more than two weeks after its removal, but the Schindlers fear she could die this weekend from morphine treatment given to relieve some of the pain of the starvation process. (Desperate parents plead to Jeb Bush)

The following files are tools you can use to learn more about Terri's situation and the legal battle to save her life. One of the biggest tasks Terri's family has had to face is undoing a lot of harm caused by misinformation. These documents will help you sort through the misinformation and untruths you may have already read or heard about Terri

To read the files, go to [dead link]

The facts outlined in the MEDIA KIT in particular  is more than convincing that this atrocity is a calculated PLAN.  

What You can do to help Terri:

John Ellis "Jeb" Bush
Governor of Florida
The Capitol
Tallahassee, Fl. 32399
Phone: 850-488-7146
Fax: 850-487-0801

Terri Schindler Schiavo Foundation

  Be sure to sign these petitions:

Terri Schiavo is not comatose  

Notice WHICH media outlets follow THE PLAN by claiming Terri is comatose and WHICH media outlets are proclaiming the truth--that Terri is brain-disabled. She is conscious and is undergoing pain and suffering as the result of being denied food and water. 

Terri was not permitted to learn how to take food by mouth, and the courts have arbitrarily ordered her to die due to the fact that she could not learn to eat without therapy!

The boldness of this murder-in-process in the face of the overwhelming evidence that proves this death sentence was planned from the start, is evidence that this is the most blatantly sinister plot to set a New World Order death precedent since Roe Vs Wade.

 Terri Schiavo's Parents Turn to Gov. Bush

Why did the Florida courts permit Michael Schiavo to withhold treatment from Terri so she would be certain to meet the conditions for a court-ordered death? 

Why did they side with Michael and permit him to "legally" steal Terri's money and refuse to permit her to learn how to eat? 

Why is the court punishing Terri for failing to eat on her own when they denied her the right to therapy so she could learn to eat without artificial means?

Why did the Florida court system engineer a catch-22 situation that was guaranteed to result in an eventual death order for Terri?

Why is Michael Schiavio's "Death Wish" the Only Wish That Counts in the Florida Courts?

Michael Schiavo says he is carrying out his wife's wishes that she not be kept alive artificially. 

  1. Is it Terri's wish that she not receive therapy, for which she was awarded over a million dollars to pay for?
  2. Is it Terri's wish that monies that were awarded to her for her rehabilitation were instead used to pay her husband's "right to die" attorneys? 
  3. Is it Terri's wish that she not receive antibiotics while she was recently very ill?
  4. Is it Teri's wish that her x-rays, which indicate she might have been strangled, be suppressed and kept from the public?
  5. Is it Terri's wish that the mainstream media lie to the public by claiming she is in a coma?
  6. Is it Terri's wish that her husband live with another woman and father two children with her while still maintaining the status of husband and guardian?
  7. Is it Terri's wish to suffer a slow, agonizing death of dehydration/starvation?



Because there is medical evidence (not admissible in court of course) that Terri may have been strangled, Gov. Bush has the right and duty to not only halt Terri's torture/dehydration death, but to also demand a criminal investigation, which judges have heretofore blocked at every turn:

Florida Gov. Jeb Bush has the authority and the legal obligation to use his executive powers to halt the death of Terri-Schindler-Schiavo and to launch a criminal investigation into the case, according to attorneys queried by the governor's legal office yesterday.

Terri's husband, Michael Schindler, has been breaking Florida law for years (with the blessings of the court!) by intentionally neglecting and blocking his disabled wife from receiving needed therapy to enable her to recover (and using her rehabilitation money to hire "right to die" attorneys to plot her death):

Attorney Richard Thompson, who heads the Thomas More Law Center, a public-interest law firm in Ann Arbor, Mich., noted in a letter that Terri is "a victim of abuse and neglect," and under Florida law, "it is a crime to abuse or neglect a disabled adult" and to encourage another person to do so.

Governor Jeb Bush assured Teri's parents that if he could intervene, he would do just that:

Terri's parents, Robert and Mary Schindler, and assured them that if there were some way he could intervene he would do so, and she could have her feeding tube reinstalled.

It is a fact that Governor Bush has more than enough authority to instantly halt Terri's death sentence and to launch a criminal investigation into the case:

Florida Gov. Jeb Bush has the authority and the legal obligation to use his executive powers to halt the death of Terri-Schindler-Schiavo and to launch a criminal investigation into the case, according to attorneys queried by the governor's legal office yesterday.

(Quotes source: Lawyers: Bush can step in for Schiavo)

At you will find 5 brief Pdf documents, written by legal experts, that detail Gov. Bush's legal power  to immediately put an end to the anti-constitutional, brutal, drawn-out starvation/dehydration campaign against Terri Schiavo. [these documents are not on the front page anymore. Perhaps they have been removed.]

During the implementation of The Plan in various facets of American life, watch for this pattern: any law can and will be broken--the lawmakers become the lawbreakers--in order to set highly coveted precedents which will in turn remove even more rights from United States citizens.

Don't let Terri be their death trophy. You or your loved one might be next. 


Mainstream media follows The Plan to the letter by publishing the apathy-promoting LIE that Terri Schiavo is a comatose woman! The Florida Times Union, for example, ran an article yesterday describing Terri as comatose! (I cannot find this article in the archives. If anyone has this article in hard copy, please send it to me for my investigation.)

Coma means: "a state of unarousable unconsciousness." Terri's family has several video-tapes that prove Terri is not in a coma. The fact that the mainstream media is telling people that Terri is in a coma indicates that the government knows the people of the United States will not stand for the drawn-out execution of a conscious  though disabled woman who makes attempts to vocalize and communicate! 10/16//03

The judicial system in Florida is setting a Halloween week, torture/euthanasia precedent that has chilling ramifications for every American citizen.  They are in the process of killing a disabled but conscious  woman who doctors have stated can be rehabilitated if  permitted to receive  proper therapy!  

Quite conveniently, the court ruled that Terri may not receive rehabilitative therapy or even be permitted a swallowing test!  They are in the process of snuffing out her life--presumably because she cannot feed herself-- and yet they refuse to give her therapy to learn how to eat and refuse to test her swallowing ability!  They have set her up for death. This is a calculated travesty of justice and they know it! Investigative articles are in process. 

Everything about this case makes no legal or moral sense. The only sense it makes is that it furthers the dictates of those implementing The Plan.   

According to,, Terri's parents are not permitted to be with her during the excruciating process of starvation/dehydration.  Investigative articles are now  in process. 10/15/03

Gov. Jeb Bush has the authority to instruct  the Florida Dept. of Children and Family Services (DCFS) to intervene on Terri's behalf! The governor's last minute "appeal to the court" looked good politically, but accomplished nothing. Governor Jeb Bush has the authority to instantly stop Terri's death sentence. He has the authority to pardon a convicted murderer on death row...if he chooses to. 

Fla. statute Title III, Chapter 415, Section 105 (2) gives the DCFS the power to perform an "emergency protective services intervention" if the state has "reasonable cause to believe that a vulnerable adult is suffering from abuse or neglect that presents a risk of death or serious physical injury to the vulnerable adult and that the vulnerable adult lacks the capacity to consent to emergency protective services." See: [dead link]

"Starvation is not legal for executions, or for animals; it is deemed too cruel," Martin wrote. "When will the Florida bishops speak?" [dead link]

Fear...or  do the bishops condone forced dehydration, court-ordered deaths? Whoever is in the know knows The Plan is not supposed to be tampered with. But whoever really fears God will take a stand against this satanically marked, murderous agenda. 


Terri's death: Slated for Halloween week!  Federal judge says Terri Schiavo must die   What if this was happening to your daughter, or your mother by her  in-laws? Would you fast and pray that she is not murdered via starvation? Would you ask God to intervene and heal her? The judge who has ordered this is on the same mentality and level as Adolph Hitler and should be disbarred. --Gary Ruby   

01/13/04 Beware of "Court-Ordered Starvation" language. There is no such thing as legal euthanasia in the United States!

Also see: Federal Judge Dismisses Parents' Lawsuit in Terri Schiavo Case  more at:

Hospice of the Florida $uncoast's Board of Directors


Will 'Terri's Bill' save her life now? 10/20/03 

Terri Schiavo denied Last Rites 10/19/03

The Court-Ordered Death of Terri Schiavo
William Federer
(Remember, the court may not order the death of the disabled. Euthanasia is not legal in the United States!)

APFN Message Board

Schiavo’s Date with Death

Legalized Murder: Terri Schiavo and Death by Starvation

Disabled Woman Would Cry 'Help Me,' Caregivers Claim

"Wesley Smith: The Horrifying Case of Terri Schiavo"

Governor Bush Has Legal Authority, But Lacks Political Will To Save Terri Schiavo's Life 

Doctor Disputes Media Claims Terri Will Not Suffer Agonizing Death

Abuse report filed for Terri Schiavo Judicial Watch says it now has given Jeb Bush premise to intervene 10/18/03

COMPLAINT ON BEHALF OF TERRI SCHIAVO - Filed with the Florida Department of Children and Families (Oct 17, 2003)

Husband protests video showing alert Terri
Schindler in desperate move to save daughter facing deadline today
10/15/03 1:00 PM EST

Starvation begins for Terri Schiavo Jeb Bush meets privately with parents, orders legal team to pursue all avenues 10/15/03 3:45 PM EST

Terri's Parents: "Accusations That Terri is in a Coma or is a Vegetable are A Lie." 10/15/03

She can move and open her eyes, yet a court rules she must die. Why?

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