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Arrested For Giving Terri Schiavo Water By Mouth?

I found this post on Free Republic. It is an example of the false impression people are under regarding Terri Schiavo's situation. It is no accident that most United States citizens have no idea that the law is on Terri's side. Terri Schiavo presently has the legal right to be given food and drink by mouth, but the media has done nothing to make this truth known.

Look at this post:

To: EggsAckleyOK, this is going to sound out-there, and it's easy for me to propose this, since I'm all the way across the country from Florida, but...

What about someone, perhaps a priest, going to see Terri and giving her as much water as he can and willingly getting arrested? Even a few ounces of water would buy Terri some time, and the publicity that would arise from a priest's being arrested for giving water to a dying woman just may turn this situation around.

Freepers, what do you think?

This individual believes that it is against the law to give a person who has had a court-ordered feeding tube removal, food and water by mouth. Not according to the Florida statues If they arrested anyone for doing this, they would be in the wrong.
Michael Schiavo may not lawfully deny his wife food and water by mouth.

Terri was swallowing food seven years ago (until Michael put a stop to it by moving her away from nursing care that did not further his agenda) and it is common knowledge that she swallows her saliva now. I wonder why Michael Schiavo and Judge Greer are so adamantly against Terri having a swallowing test, especially since she has been unlawfully denied rehabilitation for ten years? If she can swallow her saliva, then she has demonstrated something significant. 

Who makes Terri's swallowing ability official? A hand-picked doctor for a before-determined outcome? A judge with a not-too-hidden agenda? But even if that was the scenario, the facts remain. The law restrains them from doing their will at Terri's expense. We must require those in authority to obey the law. If we don't, then we have given ourselves over to people who are above the law. This is tyranny.

Terri has the legal right to consume food and drink by mouth. It is the  law, but the controlled media is not free and often not willing to report all the news, all the time. They report the news that will not result in them getting fired. The New World Order Planners are determined to keep the public in the dark about Terri's legal right to be given food and drink by mouth. They want this truth to be submerged under the other issues surrounding this life or death drama that ultimately affects us all. The law forbids Michael Schiavo from causing Terri's death by depriving her of sustenance by mouth. 

It is time to shout the Florida statutes from the rooftops. Where is the Anti New World Order media? The Plan requires the media's silence now, because it is at a crucial point in the precedent-setting killing game. Why is even the alternative media helping them by ignoring this case now? 

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edited 12/29/03

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