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"Narrow Way" That Leads To The New Age

"Abby," a follower of Stewart Best and promoter of his doctrines via message forums on the internet, wrote the following statement in one of her many posts:

"One of your hearts is your SOUL (the mind, will) and the other is your SPIRIT (either dead or alive)"

My reply:

Stewart did not have to manufacture the bogus two hearts doctrine to get across his agenda. The Bible already teaches that man has body, soul, and spirit. And Stewart says that soul and spirit need to be united (this is the "narrow way") and THAT is when Christ will appear. 

This is occult teaching no matter how many pages of scripture references Stewart cites. That will not take away the fact that he is teaching Christians to engage in an experience that will guarantee that a demon will appear to them going by the name of "Christ". Soul and Spirit can only be connected with the "help" of demons! Once a person achieves a connection between his soul and spirit, his soul can tell his spirit what to do! That is why witches/occultists seek out this experience. Once they achieve this soul-spirit connection, they can communicate with the spirit world. This is what Stewart Best is teaching his followers to do!

No wonder Stewart tells the Christian the Christ who died on the cross and rose again will not save you. It is ANOTHER Christ, an invisible living Christ who will save you, according to Stewart, This invisible, "present" Christ is the same one that appears to the Christian after the demonic soul-spirit connection is achieved. Well, Stewart is right about one thing. The real Jesus Christ, the one who died, was buried, and rose again and is seated at the right hand of the Father, will not appear to us after demons enable us to achieve a conscious connection between soul and spirit. 

My Debunking Dark Light Series provides plenty of proof for these statements. I just felt led to write this now. This is really what the narrow way doctrine is all about. The one that Stewart says Christ requires you to obey. Notice how few times he even uses the phrase, "Jesus Christ." That is because the "Christ" Stewart is writing about is different from the Lord Jesus Christ. Very different.

What Stewart should say straightforwardly is that if you don't walk his occult version of the "Narrow Way" you won't be able to enter the New Age. Stewart is REALLY teaching (amongst tons of scriptures that are supposed to substantiate occult methodology) how to contact your spirit guide who will go by the name of Christ. 


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