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Buck's Act of "Reliance Upon God for an Answer"

Resulted in Him NOT Confessing Christ Before Men

When Buck Cameron met with the Nicolae Carpathia (Antichrist) he was presented with an opportunity to honor the Lord Jesus confess Christ before men. He knew very well the person to whom he was speaking hated God, and he did not know what to say when Nicolae asked him this question: "What motivates you?"

"Buck prayed quickly and silently. God, Christ, salvation, the Tribulation, love, friends, lost souls, the Bible, learning, preparing for the Glorious Appearing, New Hope Village Church, Chloe. These were the things that motivated him, but should he say that? Should he? God, give me the words!"

The words that "God" supposedly gave hid the fact that Buck's primary motivation in life was to serve the Lord Jesus Christ:

"I am motivated by truth and justice," Buck said flatly."

Nicolae  correctly did not perceive this as an assertion of loyalty to the Lord Jesus Christ, and the conversation went on unhindered by Buck's unashamed confession of Christ, because he did not give it.

Buck's compromising answer was presented to the reader as relying upon God for an answer:

 "When he had relied on God for an answer, he had been given one. When he ventured out on his own, he had slipped."

The Left Behind authors used this character's dialogue and thinking to influence the reader to think that God put the compromising words into Buck's mouth!

How was this done? By showing what was in Buck's heart: God, Christ, salvation, love, lost souls, the Bible, etc. and having the character hesitate to be upfront about his allegiance to Christ in front of the satanist, and then have him pray silently to God to give him the compromising words.

It is in the words that God supposedly gave Buck that misrepresents God's character. God would not have the believer succumb to the fear of man which is a snare, and instead speak smooth words to please the one who is offering the Christian an ungodly job position! God most certainly would not influence a Christian to sin in order to be in the position for a job working for a satanist organization, which the Antichrist will undoubtedly head up.

The Left Behind Series is filled with misrepresentations of God's character. This increases and becomes more blatant as the series progresses.

Exposing False Doctrines in the Left Behind Series

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