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To God Be the Glory: Barbara Rourke Now Being Fed! 


The following is an excerpt from Hospice Patients Alliance Newsletter November 21, 2003, written by Ron Panzer:

Update on the Barbara Rourke situation in Fort Lauderdale, Florida: 

Candi and Joe report they met with hospital officials Thursday night and the hospital was basically in "damage control" mode, trying to say how they did nothing wrong, always "meant well," etc., etc., (blah, blah, blah) and that they would provide what Barbara needed from now on. Candi and Joe and the hospital have agreed that plans should be made for Barbara's discharge home when possible. Joe reports that Barbara is looking 1000% better since they have re-hydrated her and given her nutrition!

Barbara even spoke a little last night! Gee, it didn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that a human being needs nutrition and fluids! Just some strong advocacy on the part of Barbara's daughter Candi and son-in-law Joe who have fought the hospital to save Barbara!! This is a patient advocacy success story BECAUSE Candi and Joe got the information they needed, learned what they had to do to get Barbara's wishes honored and then did it! Candi and Joe are looking into getting a home health agency (not a hospice) to CARE for Barbara when she gets home! Barbara is one lucky woman to have such a wonderful Barbara is one lucky woman to have such a wonderful loving daughter and son-in-law!-end newsletter excerpt.

Praise God for what He has done to help Barbara Rourke!

I am convinced that there are many death-inducing "treatment protocols" going on right now in hospitals and hospices across the United States of America. Some of these death inducing protocols are: non feeding,  excessive sedation which can result in respiratory failure and death, delayed or non-treatment of bacterial infections which can bring about the demise of an already weakened patient, and more.

May God expose these alternative methods of human sacrifice, because that is exactly what they are. Please pray for the people who have been placed into healthcare facilities that facilitate death rather than promote health in certain situations such as when treating the disabled, the elderly, etc. 

We also need to pray that God would block the passing of laws that permit killing based on a person's health status. Satan requires that his agents serve him by taking the lives of human beings. They accomplish this mandate in both legal and illegal ways. It is easier for his agents to take human lives if it is legal. Let us fast and pray together that killing due to condition of health is not legalized. See: Barriers to Killing Come Down

Gary and Lisa Ruby


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