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 Update on the Barbara Rourke situation in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

The following was written by Ron Panzer of Hospice Alliance Patients Newsletter, Nov. 20, 2003. [Also see Hospice and Hospital Unnecessary Deaths: Who Benefits?]                 

 Barbara's son-in-law Joe has reported that the hospital has placed the feeding tube after delaying for a few days and refusing to provide I.V. nutrition to Barbara. Candi, her daughter, reports that NOW, the hospital is providing I.V. D5W which is minimal, but much better than only saline solution! 

Candi reports the hospital has scheduled regular feedings to start at 3 pm in about an hour from now through the PEG tube. Candi reported that it appeared the hospital had heavily sedated her mother so that she was really out of it. We question what is going on there, especially since the woman does not have a clear diagnosis of a "terminal" disease.

We know that some of you HAVE called the hospital, police and APS, and the hospital called Candi this a.m. to apologize for what has been going on. Thanks to all of you who pitched in to protest this effort to kill off a defenseless 67 year old woman, against the wishes of the legal POA! We will keep you informed of any progress in the case. Hopefully, the family can find a physician who is not into euthanasia to independently evaluate Barbara and get her appropriate care!

Just now, Barbara's daughter, Candi, faxed the hospital a form revoking the DNR the hospice apparently had her fill out, and stating that NO narcotics or sedatives could be given without permission. The hospice nurse apparently really reacted to that and told Candi, "you're making a huge mistake by not allowing narcotics without permission!" What is that about? There is NO complaint of pain, no severe symptoms where narcotics would be required, so why is the hospice nurse so upset?? Very revealing! These hospice nurses were telling Candi how "pleasant" dehydrating and starving to death were in hospice! It's a great way to die, according to these hospice nurses, only problem ... Barbara Rourke is NOT actively dying! Let's hope she is saved in time! -end newsletter excerpt

Hospice and Hospital Unnecessary Deaths: Who Benefits?

Barbara Rourke is not actively dying, but if the hospital withholds nutrition for a long enough period of time, she will become weakened and could easily catch a secondary infection, and even die.

Also, sedating her with narcotics can cause respiratory problems. Any thinking person has to wonder why the hospice nurses are so upset that Barbara's daughter has revoked the right for them to sedate Barbara Rourke, a woman who simply suffers from dementia, and is not in pain. 

This subject is not talked about that much, but it is no secret that hospices and hospitals are places where many of Satan's agents are employed. The more people that they can cause to die unnecessarily, the more pleasing they are in the sight of Satan, who the Bible says comes to kill, steal and destroy. (John 10:10) 

They will not gain rank or power in Satan's kingdom if people under their care die naturally. By naturally, I mean their deaths are not speeded up in any way. The deaths must be accelerated or induced in some manner, in order for it to count as an offering to Satan. 

Knowing the motivations behind some of the people who hold board of director positions or are employed in hospitals and hospices will help us to understand that prayer and swift action is needed when we learn of people being literally hastened to their deaths in hospitals and hospices.

Gary and Lisa Ruby 

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