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No Greater Joy Unveiled: Occult Markings/Doctrines

WARNING! Michael and Debi Pearl's No Greater Joy Ministry Marked by Witchcraft and Luciferian Doctrines

(This exposť is in progress. Keep checking for updates.)

Michael Pearl Teaches the Occult Serpent Seed Doctrine in His Illustrated Bible

No Greater Joy's Occult Doctrine: Sex is Worship  (This article is intended for adults only)

Michael Pearl's "God" Wrote the Ten Commandments With Runes!

Michael Pearl's Good and Evil Comic Book Bible teaches the Luciferian doctrine that Adam and Eve were ENLIGHTENED when they fell into sin

Pearl's Perverse Message: the Serpent Told the Truth and God Told a Lie

Michael Pearl Changed Biblical Account to Put Satan in God's Place by Depicting Satan as Saying," You Fool, This Night You Will Die . . . "

No Greater Joy Ministries Occult Logo: Sunburst & Trident

The Sun: A Symbol For Michael Pearl's God

Eight Kingdoms Cover: Occult/Masonic Point Within a Circle Symbolism

Michael Pearl's Eight Kingdoms: Masonic Symbolism

No Greater Joy's To Train Up a Child Book: Occult Marking

To Train Up a Child: "666" Marking in Chapter 1

 Star of Baphomet Marks No Greater Joy Ministries

 Michael Pearl Now Denies Teaching Corporal Punishment

 No Greater Joy's Good and Evil Book: Occult Markings

"I" Font on Good and Evil Cover Shaped Like an Upside-Down Cross

Marriage God's Way DVD Cover--Magickal Alphabet

Pearl's Marriage God's Way Cover: Magical Alphabet?

Pearl's Marriage Book and Magic Book: Same Symbol


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