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Judge Whittemore Covered For Greer

He said Terri's rights were adequately protected in the state courts!

In a 13-page ruling issued at dawn, U.S. District Judge James
Whittemore acknowledged the gravity of the consequences in denying the request for an emergency order to restore the feeding tube. Doctors say Schiavo, 41, would likely remain alive for one to two weeks without it.

But Whittemore said he was obliged to follow the law and issue the order only if the Schindlers could show their overall case was likely to succeed in federal court, which they had not.

"This court concludes that Theresa Schiavo's life and liberty interests were adequately protected by the extensive process provided in the state courts," he said.

(Quote source:  U.S. Judge Refuses More Feeding in Schiavo Case)

[Judge Whittemore "went along with the Scientology euthanasia program" by covering for Judge Greer! Greer has flagrantly violated law after law in his quest to do what has never been ordered from the bench before in the United States of America: Order the death of a human being by denying natural food and water!]


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