Left Behind Series Exposed!

Evidence Indicating the Left Behind series is NOT

�what it appears to be..

This book reveals:  

                                         Cover of God's Wrath on Left Behind

How Left Behind clearly promotes un-Christian

behaviors such as�adultery, abortion, unhealthy

sexual activity, suicide, murder... and many more.

Clear evidence the Left Behind�books are based

on an anti-Christ�foundation.

The books' false teaching about the mark of the beast.

Undeniable proof that Left Behind denigrates�

Jesus Christ.

How the series promotes New Age tenets and�

�other anti-Christian beliefs such as witchcraft.

Also included... God's Wrath on Left Behind
God's Wrath on Left Behind contains

critical information exposing�

Satan's plans to destroy those who

believe the visible "mark of the�

believer" doctrines that are presented

as fact in the Left Behind series.

Author: Lisa Ruby

Publisher: Liberty To The Captives Publications

216 page trade paperback - $14.00�

ISBN 0-9721264-0-6


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