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Salvation is not a Formula

The book, Jesus Said Come, Follow Me! by David Neal addresses finding eternal life in Jesus Christ – how one is saved, who does the saving and the evidences of salvation:

When addressing the issue of salvation, most want a formula or prescribed method of attaining eternal life – a recitation (i.e. sinner’s prayer). They desire to know what steps are necessary or what must be accomplished and what are the allowable limits. The central problem is that most think of salvation with regards to being saved from something, namely hell or eternal damnation. The only thing we must desire to be saved from is SELF, that being our fallen sinful nature. Rather than thinking in terms of being saved from something, it would be more applicable to think of who we must be endeared to, namely Jesus Christ.

Salvation is not a formula, ritual, practice, method, mental acknowledgement, repeated statement, outward reformation, religious education or ceremony, but rather the result of a heart and life lived for God. Salvation is the result of a life dedicated to God by abiding in Christ Jesus - the fruit of God working in us (Jn 15:2, 8, Js 5:7)! We must come to understand Christ’s gospel with our heart (Mt 13:15). The clearest evidence of such is the divine influence of the Holy Spirit in one’s life, which will always be manifested in one’s actions (fruit). This book contains a comprehensive and thorough study of the Word of God (scriptures) regarding eternal life and right standing before God. The answer is clear, but is not the one, two or three-step approach that man desires to follow.


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